Me again regarding question above

the yarn description says size 13 needle, but the pattern said to use size 10 needles using this yarn


the important thing to match is the stitches per inch, not so much what size needle you use. it was 3 stitches = 1 inch, wasn’t it? get to that and it doesn’t matter so much what needle size you used.

Right. The yarn manufacturer recommends a certain “average” size needle that works pretty generically with their yarn for an “average” project.

However, your pattern may call for a denser or less dense fabric than the yarn manufacturer was thinking of AND your knitting may be tighter or looser than the person who designed your pattern.

So…go by the gauge. if you need 3 stitches to the inch, use whatever needle it takes to get that gauge.

And knitting a swatch is ALWAYS a good idea. Try #6 with the TLC Cotton Plus, it ought to be close to your needed guage. Mary