Me again-haha Just need some help comprehending instructions

I’m a big Harry Potter fan. I’d like to knit the scarf as described on this wesbite:
Except I’m using a 9-gaged needle and not the wool they describe. I was just wondering if I was correct in the assumption that I’m knitting twice the size of the scarf size I want, and then doubling it over and knitting it shut. It doesn’t sound right to me, so I was wondering if someone could “dumb it down” for me (haha). :smiley:

That scarf pattern is knit in the round…so, yes, it IS double. I suppose you COULD knit it flat, double it & seam it…but, that seems really FUTZY to me. Knitting in the round is SOOOO easy!

Well, see I don’t have the round needles that I would need for that. And I’m sort of broke at the moment. But thank you for confirming that for me. ^^ I’ll make one flat and then I’ll try to scrape up some money for the round needles and then try it that way. Thanks! ^^