MD Sheep and Wool Fest

I’ll be going to the Sheep Fest tomorrow, and this is the first time I am going as a knitter. We usually go just for fun, and it was such a foreign language to me. Last year my knitting ability (I felt) really didn’t warrant the good stuff yet…

Soooo…for you vetrans, what’s good to get there? I am not a spinner, so all that isn’t going to really apply to me…

any fun things? I am fairly new, have the Boye needle set, a few larger needles, a couple sets of DPN’s…I get all my knitting books from the library…but I’ll check out the knitting book thread to keep my eyes peeled for something good!!!

What are your suggestions?

BUMP :happydance:

thanks!! I think I have settled on getting supplies for the booga bag, and some pretty stitch markers. Maybe I won’t loose them…if they are pretty ya know?

I can shop the Noro yarn that way. My LYS has it for 20 bux a ball…so maybe some competition will help!!!

Yup…Id concentrate on the S.E.X. instead of the “notions”! oooh! Im so EXCITED for you!!!

omgomgomg…Ok, this is what I got…

3 balls of the Noro Kureon in exactly the same colors that my dh gave me for Valentines day. I will have a Booga Bag to match my hat and mitties :slight_smile:

I AM a bit nervous. I knit my hat, didn’t felt it on size I think 7 needles…the bag calls for 10 and to felt. It just doesn’t seem like it is thick enough… I paid 9.00 for the yarn. DH says that he didn’t pay 20.00 a ball for it, so who knows WHAT I was looking at.

And then I got another ball of the silk sari yarn. I want to finish my shawl tonight to wear to church tomorrow.

I got a pattern for the most delicious shawl…Koigu is the name of the company. They are out of Canada with no website :frowning:

But…the BIGGEST thing I have discovered is tessyarns they have this microfiber ribbon, that is like butter…seriously…it is SOOO smooth, and the garments are BEAUTIFUL the COLORS are just absolutly STUNNING. I just might “have” to go back and get it!!! They had a deal where it is 2 skeins for 20 bux each, normally 25 bux a skein…

I have to remind myself that I DID quit my job to knit more…but sheesh…I also cut the FUNDS to my habit…grrr…

I didn’t find any notions that I liked, so that was just as well. NO stitch markers that I found at all.

I do want to finish some of the projects that are OTN’s…before I go and start my bag, but I can’t WAIT!!! whooohooo…lol…like a kid in a candy store I say.

I still feel like a “new” knitter, and really, last year, I was just making dish cloths, so I didn’t feel justified in buying the good stuff, and now I am happy with what my LYS has…next year, I might save up and get some of the more hand dyed yarn…

Sounds like QUITE a successful expedition!! :cheering:

Oh Heather, I wanted to go to that festival thisyear but couldn’t make it. I went to my first last October in Rhinebeck, NY and it was the BEST THING IN YEARS! Can’t wait to go back this year. So many different yarns and lovely people.

Noro usually sells for $8.50 at my lys but… wait let me check who it was who was so kind to turn me onto a website where it’s cheaper…

aha, it was Hildy… this site

has Noro very cheap but they often don’t have the colors I want.

One thing I noticed about the wool festivals is you get carried away and pay $22 or so for a skein of yarn (I did) and then! I found comparable yarn on ebay mailed direct from the sheep farm.
And I mean beautiful yarn, for only $4.00 or $6.00, sometimes a little more but fantastic prices. But, of course, the wool festival is SO MUCH FUN. Just have to be careful… $$$$$$$$$

But, of course, the wool festival is SO MUCH FUN. Just have to be careful… $$$$$$$$$

AMEN!!! I have decided not to go back today. I had my projects planned out, and that’s what I got.

I went in thinking the yarn I was getting was 20.00 a ball…I have NO idea where I got that idea. But…I finished the shawl I was making this am…it is a lot smaller than i thought it would be, but it is VERY pretty. I can’t wait to wear it next week. I got too tired last night to finish it.

I will check out that website :slight_smile: Thanks for posting it!!! :slight_smile:

Your welcome Heather… I want a shawl. Post a picture if you can, would love to see it!

Koigu makes what seems to be the most luscious sock and some type of specialty yarn around…everyone is always talking about it…on sock forums. My lys doesn’t have it…i’ve only seen it online & in catalogs…from what i hear the colors are spectacular…it’s a good thing that my LYS doesn’t have it…lol!
sounds like everyone is doing booga bags!! I just got my yarn in the mail for booga, a sophie & a market…from, of course…knitpicks…a couple of the bags I will dye…should be fun
sounds like ya’ll had a BLAST at the festival!! I was chatting with an online friend at KR before she went, her plan was to buy a lamb!! She spins, too, so I guess she’s gonna actually go from start to finish with her yarn & projects
have a great week one & all

Koigu makes what seems to be the most luscious sock and some type of specialty yarn around.

I would have liked to see the yarn, she only had displays out of the patterns…there is no website listed on the card or pattern…it was beautiful…I asked what weight the yarn the shawl was made with, and she said DK/fingering weight. That’ll be on the needles for a LONG time I am sure!!!

I think the yarn that I FELL IN LOVE with however this weekend was the loopy mohair…OMG…it was SOOO luxurious. I don’t know anything about it. How well it wears, what it even is for that matter…lol…(I DO know that it is a natural fiber)…

and ya know, with the rotten day yesterday…I put down my shawl…and now I can’t find it!!! ACK


here’s the link :cheering: …wonder why she didn’t put it on her schtuff???