Maybe an error?

I am knitting a pattern from deborahs (tigger afghan) and I was wondering if maybe there is a pattern error? I cast on 180 stitches and have 9 st seed stitch on each end . (so that leaves 162 to work with. HOWEVER , The chart is only 85 stitches so mathematically, that doesn’t make sense to me. I didnt realize it until I was almost finished the first row. Now I’m really confused. Am I doing something wrong?

The chart is just for Tigger, the rest of the afghan you would do in the main color (the teal on this afghan)…with Tigger in the center/middle of the afghan. :thumbsup:

Hereis a link to the pattern

ok- I read the advice about knitting tigger (previous post- maybe an error) and I still dont understand how many stitches I need to knit before I start Tigger. I’m confused because I have never knit from a chart before . Where would I begin so that Tigger is centered. Sorry I cant get this!

I hope I’m reading your problem right…otherwise…:whoosh: Lol. It’s simple math…(Ha! If only.) Just figure out how wide the chart is from left to right…then you subtract that from the total number of cast on sts. and divide it in half. For example, you have 180 cast on sts and the chart is 85 sts.
Take 180 and subtract 85…that’s 95 (which is the number of sts that’s not on your chart)
Take 95 and divide it by 2…that’s 47.5
So knit 48 (or 47), then do the chart, then knit the last 47(or 48) (Just remember to seed stitch the first and last 9.)
So you have your first 48 (or 47)…your charted 85…and your last 47 (or 48)…add it all up and you get 180.