Maybe A Stupid Question

…but does anyone actually USE the dishcloths they make to wash dishes? What other possible uses are there (pot holders, hot pads, etc.) The reason I ask is because I’ve just discovered a bunch of cute patterns that I would love to make for myself as well as for a few other women in my family (as Christmas presents) but I want them to be useful not just decorative. :slight_smile:

I totally use them to wash countertops and everything. They have great scrubbing texture. After they get too grubby, I use them as cleaning rags too.

They’re great for washing cast iron skillets.

I would never use them for skillets myself, but I do use them for counters and the table.

I only use my dishcloths now! I absolutely love them. I gave a few to my DBF’s mom and she uses them as doilies. Oh well, I guess she uses them.

I couldn’t bring myself to use all of the dishcloths that I knitted in various patterns. I eventually sewed them all together and made a sampler dishcloth afghan. But now that I have been knitting for a while, it’s not so important to keep every dishcloth to look at - so I do use them. Or at least, I knit dishcloths with their use in mind.

I haven’t made any dishcloths for myself (I really need to!), but, I have for my mom and dad. My mom felt badly about using them but I told her that’s why I made them, for her to use and if she wasn’t going to use them, I basically wasted my time :teehee: So, she uses them all the time!

I’ve made several in the Grandma’s favorite pattern for myself. I don’t have a dishwasher (my kitchen is microscopic) and I do use/ love them. I will leave each one in rotation for a couple of days, then when it fails to pass the sniff test (eew!) I toss it in the laundry. It is so nice not to be using and throwing away a million sponges.

I think I have enough Sugar & Cream to make about 5000 more. I gave knitted dishcloths out as Xmas presents last year to some of the ladies in my family (I was pretty new to knitting). I gave them a grandma’s and a really pretty feather & fan one each, plus a nice handmade (not by me) soap. I would say they were totally unappreciated (these are people I usually get a card or something, so it’s not like they were expecting great gifts). I don’t know if people with dishwashers just don’t need them, or they were too homemade, or what.

I’m going to try again this year with some nicer knitted things and see what happens. If I get the same blah response, it’s back to cards for them. <shrug>

Certainly, I use mine all the time! Sometimes when you give them, other people don’t know what they are so I attach the following:

If you could wave a magic wand
And grant me special wishes
I’d wish that you were by my side
Helping me wash the dishes

We use them as washcloths and dishcloths. I also give them away as gifts, with most people coming back and asking for more.

My MIL loved them so much, she started making them herself.

A few cloths with a nice soap makes a lovely housewarming or hostess gift, too.

Same for baby gifts, there are some really cute free patterns out there with bunnies, ducks, baby feet, etc (using a cotton made for babies, of course).

I use mine as dish cloths and wash cloths. My son always uses the homemade ones when he does the dishes. My mother and grandmother also use the ones I’ve made for them. Although it’s tough to get them to scrub dishes with them, but they do use them as wash cloths.

I use mine, though I was hesitant to at first. They are so much better than the ones I bought before.

i have wondered that myself but what if you sewed several together and made scatter rugs or bath mats or afghans or car blankets or even gave them away to homeless shelters just a thought on this lovely morning in calgary

I use the failures to wipe counters and wash any dish that can’t go in the dishwasher (my grandmother’s china with the gold rims).
The pretty ones are re-purposed as face cloths. The cotton one are very soft on the skin and they hold lots of water. Lately I’ve been making them in a linen blend that is a little more exfoliating, and leaves your skin feeling very clean.

Hi, Maureen -

In this day and age of machine made “everything”, I find that it takes an adjustment in perception for most people to differentiate between the millionth factory-made piece and one lovingly fashioned in someone’s two hands.

I’m a professional artist so I’ve had some experience with
"presentation". The most beautiful painting, unframed, always benefits by being placed in just the right frame, in just the right light. It says, loud and clear, “This is an important work!”.

Sometimes it takes more than one encounter for folks to “wise up” to the little gem in their hands! So don’t give up yet. Maybe add a little gift card that says “handmade lovingly for you!” or “Made specially for a special lady” or something of that sort. Really make a show of your presentation.

The gifts you are making ARE important. Nowhere else on this planet is anyone making something from “sticks and strings” especially for these folks! Who would? Who would care enough?

But they’re not used to anyone doing anything remotely like this especially for them, so you might be getting some confusion rather than disinterest.

If, on the other hand, they’re just brick-stupid, ungrateful wretches, :gah: go ahead and just give them a card (a cheap one!) and use your time and creativity elsewhere!

Whatever you decide, I think it’s wonderful that you’re such a generous knitter in wanting to share your art with others! Keep going!

That reminds me, I need to make some.

I am new to knitting and have decided to make dishcloths as gifts for my DSIL. I am using #6 US needles and Lily 100% cotton yarn. I am having a hard time w/my stitches being so tight and I have a hard time getting them to move on my needles. This is also my 1st time to use needles smaller that 10 US and don’t usually have trouble with my knitting being too tight. The pattern I’m using is the Reversible Close Checks Face Cloth Knitting Pattern from this site. Any suggestions?

Honestly I don’t like cloths of any kind to wash dishes, but I LOVE :heart::inlove: them in the shower, whole family does! Never tried the lien ones… I think I’ll have to do that!

Must confess until recently i have been very very anti dishclothes thinking whats the point. But i have found myself sitting looking therough ravelry loving them. so i have my first knitted one OTN right now. i have done a couple of crocheted onces in a class as well. ds loves them as washclothes, but i am considering using them for there peopper use. also thought that they may be usefull for rubbing horses legs down when they get muddy etc. just another use, guess it would work on dogs as well, oh and the kids :teehee:

I don’t use dish cloths very often myself, but I have made some face cloths that I use all the time. There are some great patterns for wash cloths, and the dish cloth patterns can be made just a little larger for nice face cloths.