Maybe a fair isle patern

Hi i am new to this site.
I am looking for a patern to knit a jumper. i think it might be a fair isle patern, but i don’t want one of the usual paterns with lots of colours and paterns. i like the simple design shown on the method to knit with two colours in the knitting video, shown on this web site.
any help would be much appreciated,
thank you

So you want a 2 color fair isle correct? Adult or child? Male or female? Cardigan or pullover? Free only or are you willing to pay a few dollars?

What you want is a Norwegian pattern, not Fair Isle. Norwegian sweaters typically have only two or 3 colors not the multi color patterns that Fair Isle has.

Dale of Norway has LOTS of books and patterns (Google it). You also apply any of their pattern grids to a simple pattern of your choosing.

Meg Swanson (Schoolhouse press) has a great video on knitting with colors.

i am looking for an adult male pullover. i would be willing to pay if it looked like the type of thing i would wear.
thank you