May someone help me with these instructions?

I’m currently working on a toy now, and I have a question about one of instructions.

" Row 2: K1 tbl, loop st into each st to last st, k1 tbl. "

I’m still a bit new to knitting - it’s been nearly a year! - so maybe that is why this is confusing me.
It says to loop st to last st, but then it says to k1 tbl. How can I do that if I’ve loop stitched to the last stitch?
I think I just don’t understand this properly!
I’m knitting a sheep.

Thanks for your time!! :slight_smile:

When it says to “loop st to the last st” it means until you have one stitch left, then you knit that stitch tbl.

Yep, it’s only the first and last sts that you knit tbl. The other sts you do in the loop stitch.