May I introduce myself?

Hello to you all. Some of you may have seen me on here already. I have kind of done this the wrong way round :teehee:

I jumped in the other day when my first Hank of beautiful wool arrived after I had got into the biggest muddle ever :oops: I asked you for help. You will be pleased to know the Hanks are alive and well and rolled into beautiful balls.

My name is Sharon I live in Norfolk, England Uk. I am married I have two grown children 25 and 19. I have seven cats (I used to do cat rescue).
I am disabled with Arthritis sometimes I use a wheelchair sometimes I cant even get out of bed. Its been hard giving up the cat rescue. I felt I had nothing to do with my life. Many friends have dropped me as I let them down couldnt always make meetings and dates we planned. You never know how you are from one day to the next.

Anyway enough of my illness. I thought one day about some wool I had and the idea was a good one. I used to knit but havnt for a long time. So I went on Ebay I KNOW I know many of you do :roflhard:
I have bought so much wool and patterns its ridiculous really :teehee:

I have been so pleased with this board I think you are a great gang of people. I have had such a warm welcome. I hope I can add something to the group…even if its the odd silly question :teehee: .
I have looked forward to my emails each day to see what you are all doing.

Thanks everyone.

Ok off to knit my project at the moment is a spiral scarf on a circular needle which I have never ever used before and eyelash wool. It will be great (I hope) when its done. I must say it nearly got binned last night :rofl: but I settled for throwing it across the room and two cats attacked it but it seems to have survived its ordeal.

I will post photo when its done hopefully this weekend all being well.
Sorry if this is so long that you have all fallen asleep…

:muah: Sharon

Welcome!!! :muah:

Welcome to KH! :waving:

Welcome! :hug:

:hug: :muah: Sharon,its so nice to meet you.I enjoy this group alot.I love to read about all the different projects,yarns and boo boo’s.If I could stay off the board there might be hope for my knitting, but I cant ,so slowly I knit… :happydance:

Nope, you may NOT introduce yourself. We don’t let anyone introduce themselves on here. :wink:

Just kidding. :teehee: It’s great to meet you! :cheering: :cheering:

Welcome!! :waving:

My little face just dropped when I read that :roflhard: :roflhard:

I thought you meant it :roflhard:

:muah: Sharon


Can’t wait to see your scarf!

:cheering: Welcome to the forum!!!

My little face just dropped when I read that :roflhard: :roflhard:

I thought you meant it :roflhard:

:muah: Sharon[/quote]
Oh no of course I didn’t mean it. We love getting new people all the time. I also love being sarcastic and snarky, so I hope your little face didn’t stay dropped for too long. Welcome to the funhouse!
:muah: :muah: :muah: ayla

Welcome Sharon!

Wecome!!! :smiley: :hug: :hug:

…Two cats attacked the yarn when you threw it across the room…
HMMM… WELCOME TO MY HOUSE…!!! I don’t throw my yarn (usually) but I most definitely have cats on patroll…
I LOVE that you did cat rescue. My beautiful calico( I always wanted a calico) came from a local cat rescue organization (FURR)-Feline Rescue and Rehome… sandy the lady I got her from was full of suggestion and help right after I got her.
I love my kitties-- they keep me company!! :heart: :heart:

I love my cats too! I loved doing the rescue but due to ill health gave it up. However everyone knows I am the crazy cat lady and they keep knocking on my door…what can I do :shrug:
I cant turn them away I have to sort it. My husband says I cant save them all but I have a %^$%^^ good try.
I love calicos I have one called Scumptious and she has a beauty spot on her face.

Ok enough about cats and back to knitting… now who chewed my wool? :grrr:

:hug: Sharon

p.s. what does fluffypechey mean? :slight_smile: Every time I read it I think of the Italian word (pesca) for peach. :wink: :slight_smile:

Oh I love that photo :heart:

The Pechey is my last name. It is pronounced as petchey. How lovely the italian for peach.

Thanks for the welcome.

:hug: Sharon

:hug: welcome, welcome, welcome… I’m so glad someone else throws their yarn across the room… my cat has learned when it flies… run! lol

The people on this forum is soo wonderful and knowledgeable and helpful. I’ve been knitting almost 2 yrs… and still feel like a newbie… It is wonderful to have a place that distance is removed… and we all can talk & help each other… hugs… and welcome…

Thanks so much Snowbear I totally agree with you about this forum.

Some of my cats run but some attack it! Some of them sit nicely by my legs chewing through the yarn. All of a sudden it feels kind of light and I have an end in my hand!! :grrr: But who could be without them :heart:

:hug: Sharon

Welcome to the forum! There are lots of cat lovers here as you’ve no doubt discovered altough I don’t know if any others have 7! :teehee:

Here’s our two…


Martini (but she’s more often known as; Monster, Beast, Terror Beast, etc…) :teehee: