May have to rip it out?!

My new sweater pattern says, “When shaping, do not work a dec in eyelet pattern without a corresponding yarn over, and vice versa”.


It means you work the decs outside the eyelet pattern; keep all the YOs and dec in the pattern the same so you don’t mess up the stitch count.

So, should I dec as I’ve done on the ends of the rows and then follow the decrease with a YO?

No you want to keep them as decs for the shaping. But if you’re inside the pattern repeat you may have to just work that part in stockinette.

It really would help explain it better if we knew which pattern. Do you have a link to it or to a picture?

Here ya go! I ripped it out, because I knew it wouldn’t be right. I have a four day weekend coming up!

Okay, there’s a lot of plain stockinette, so if your decreases encroach on the pattern repeat, then just keep them in stockinette, only do the YOs and Decs when they’re not right at the edge.

Cute sweater. Kinda off topic, but if it is a free pattern, could you post the link? Would be nice for the summer. Thanks

The decreases in the shaping are at the ends. Hmmm…maybe I didn’t need to rip it all out. Perhaps I have been too hasty? The lacey bits seemed lined up ok, but if they start to look off, I can do a yo in the plain bits. But if I do, do I count that as a stitch?
Sometimes I wish patterns could be a bit more specific, but it is an intermediate pattern.

I think it’s cute too, but I purchased the pattern in my LYS. It is available for sale at Vermont Fiber Designs.

A YO does count as a stitch, but if you just go adding one anywhere that could throw off the patterns.