May Be the Best Site For Knitting

This site just may be the best site on line for knitting instructions and patterns. There are 100’s of pages. I just wish I had a faster service. Dial-up stinks.

Is it better than this website?

Yea my vote is for the 2nd one as well… :wink:

PLEASE!! Don’t miss understand me. is a great site and I enjoy all of the features that are offered here, especially the help I receive when I post for help. I wasn’t criticizing this site. I was only giving the viewers here another site to check out. The other site is like a library full of patterns from beginner to advanced for a multitude of items from A-Z in sizes from baby to adult, instructions and some videos of almost everything you could need, charts, and etc. etc. The patterns are beautiful and free. One would have to search through several volumes of books to view all the information contained on that one site.

I wish I had found this site a few months back when I was first learning to knit. It would have saved me a lot of trips to the library and hours of searching on line for free information and patterns.


I think you were just being teased.

Have you looked at Knitting Pattern Central? They have loads of free patterns. I had a hard time with the site you linked to because it’s not originally English.

Have you looked at Knitting Pattern Central?

I’ve had that site bookmarked for a while too. There are some great sites on line. Just not enough time to view them and get work done too.

I guessed that the other two might me teasing me, but I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t taken the wrong way. Sometimes things aren’t perfectly clear and can be misunderstood when in type.

The best thing about this site is that you ALWAYS get the benefit of the doubt … teased a bit … but never criticized :slight_smile:

Oooooh! Thanks for posting that–they have some great charts and a quick look at the patterns was very encouraging!! I’ve bookmarked it and will go through it more thoroughly tomorrow. I like that the patterns are listed with a picture rather than just a name.

I was just kidding!!! :heart:

Interesting site.

Am I missing something, or are there no pictures of actual garments in most of these patterns? In any case, it looks like most of these won’t fit me, since they start at a size 38 and it looks like I’m a size 32-34. I do love this site for their fair isle charts, though.

:cheering: I like the charts… found a few that I wanna try…