May 2017, What'cha Knitting?

May, already! We’d love to see your latest projects.

My nephew’s birthday was yesterday so I was finally able to get a photo of him wearing his Doctor Who scarf. I think he looks very nice!

Wowee, that is a Dr. Who and a half! He looks marvelous in it and the scarf itself is a tour de force.

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Thank you!

Very cool!

Baby hat for new grandbaby! The gender reveal is Saturday so for now it’s knitting with cream color. It’s the newborn size, but I knit loose so it’s big. Using Sublime DK which is merino, silk and cashmere. So soft!

Here’s the pattern -

Mmm-mm, sounds yummy. So exciting to think of this baby wearing your lovely hat.

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Wow Metylda! You don’t do things in half measures! That is phenomenal!! I love his expression.
You could sell those! Get going girl.

Baby hat is finished! I thought it was a little big, but I think it’s okay. :slight_smile: Hard to get a picture of because I don’t have a baby to put it on or a correct size stuffed animal. :wink:

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No baby yet. It’s darling Jan and the pompoms are just the right touch.

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WOW. Awesomeness!!

I am working on a baby blanket for my daughter’s first grandchild and great- grand parents, myself and my hubby. It is a simple pattern I made, garter stitch borders with 10 rows of stockinnet that alernates with ten rows of seed stitch. My daughter bought the yarn.

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Double knit 2x2 ribbed hat checker board, black & grey. Black K, grey P, mirror on the other side. At least that’s what I’ve started. It’s been so hard figuring it out I haven’t finished the first row to see if I have it figured out. I keep picking up the DK socks.

Daylily and Mike, alll projects to look forward to. I’ll be interested to see your photos when you finish.

I might give up since the mirror image of a checkerboard is a checkerboard it will mainly be for the DK warmth. But I’d still need to figure it out for my original idea of vertical stripes, that would be different on each side.

Here is what I have so far on the Fibonacci afghan. The second photo shows where the center of my current block is and how the 2 circular needles meet.

Metylda, that is gorgeous! What a luscious color and what a feat of engineering.

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Thank you. With the semester completed I will finally have the time to finish it. It’s one of the things I made sure came to College Station with me. My son received his Baccalaureate in Geology today. Now we have a couple of days to relax, celebrate, and knit before heading home.

Sounds perfect. Congratulations to your son and to you on his graduation! Well done.

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