Mattresses....any suggestions?

right now my dh and i have a double bed firm mattress my parents bought for my bedroom at home over 7 years ago…it’s time for a change. we both want a queen sized bed. dh is trying to spend only $300 which will get us something like we have now. i’d just assume spend some money and get something that feels GOOD! we use that furniture more then any other piece of furniture in our house, so i think anything we spend will be well worth it.
i just have NO idea where to begin! and i like to research before i shop.

so any suggestions?

We got one 7 years ago from a place called Comfort King. I think they are regional, but it’s the kind of place that makes the mattresses locally…not a brand name like Sealy, etc. We got pillow topped king size. I was amazed at how high it was when we got it :shock: We had had a waterbed for several years, and although that is good for folks with allergies (like me), it’s not so good for dh’s back. He finally had it with a bout of soreness that we decided to get a new bed (he was a full time tile setter back then, and would get a shot of sciatica from time to time, bad news). We spent considerably more than 300 bucks, but it was worth it. If you have a place like this, try researching it along with the chain stores for comparison. You can add or subtract materials to suit your comfort level and the folks at this store were very helpful. I firmly believe this statement I read once, “You should pay for good shoes and a good bed, because your in either one or the other.” :thumbsup:

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DH and I were in the same boat not too long ago. My mother ended up buying us an amazing queen, pillow top sealy for a wedding gift. The best times to buy are this time of year with all the Christmas sales and no interest for 3 years stuff that comes out. Start shopping around. Test the mattresses, actually go and lay on them for 10 min or more. They say after 10-15 min you should be able to gauge if it will hit a sore spot, or be TOO soft.

So when you know what mattress you want, shop for prices… and keep your eye on the sales and no interest deals.

But you will most likely pay closer to 500+ for a good, comfortable bed that is worth sleeping in for the next 15 -20 years.

Ours was around 700 on sale.

We bought a Sleep Therapy mattress. I went in intending to buy whatever king size mattress was on sale. After laying on the Sleep Therapy one, that was it. I ended up spending about $1200 but it was probably one of the best investments ever. The only bad thing about it is now it’s hard to sleep in any other bed because mine is so comfy.

A mattress is quite the personal preference. You and your may want to head over to your local Sleep Country and try out the various beds. They would be cheaper than your local department store. The also have a mix and match sale during the year, if you don’t mind a mismatched set.

Happy Hunting

Not cheap, but I love our Tempurpedic Memory Foam mattress. Love is not a strong enough word for how I feel about this mattress. Hate, Hate, Hate sleeping on anything else.

DH and I still sleep on a full wave waterbed and no one will ever change our minds. Mattresses are cheap, and if they’re filled properly, it’s like sleeping on a cloud. I sleep like a baby every night. :heart:

love love love my sleep number bed. I get a soft side and hubby gets a firm side. not cheap, but man, worth every penny.

For those that have those Tempurpedic memory foam mattresses, are they hot? It seems like they’d be like sleeping on a pile of rubber. I’m half tempted to buy one but I don’t want to have to crank the AC down to 60 each night to stay cool. :teehee:

Although I don’t currently have one (planning to buy another soon) I prefer a water bed mattress.

I usually fill them to very firm, but that’s the great thing about them, you can make them any firmness you like and if you live in a cold climate the heater is great.

IMHO you can’t win buying a mattress…set a price limit and go lay on a bunch of mattresses (at one store only) and pick one and never look back. I agree with you that you will most likely need to spend more than $300. If you bed isn’t comfy for years to come you won’t sleep good and your back will hurt. The way I see it we spend a fair amount on our bed, but I don’t plan to buy a new one for 10yrs.

Don’t be afraid to dicker…if you don’t need delivery or the metal bed frame make them come down on the price. I dickered for my two beds the way I dickered for my truck. Here’s how much I have to spend TODAY.

Mattress companies contract with retailers so no two stores carry the “same” mattress. It may in reality it may be the same, but the name and price will vary.

I do miss the old waterbed…always warm and I cold use a squishy pillow. Sadly, I had to give up down pillows and hubby’s back couldn’t tollerate the mattress. But yes, it was easy to replace when needed.
It was hillarious how fast he emptied it the day they called and said they could deliver 3 days sooner than planned…basically: get extra sump pump, cut mattress, put in pump, snake hose out bedroom window to front yard. Let’er rip and voila, empty in 10 minutes! :roflhard:

we have a dormia mattress, which is another brand of memory-foam mattress. it wasn’t cheap, but it is fantastic. they have a pillow-top, so you’re not sleeping directly on the foam - it looks just like a regular mattress, but feels a million times better.

Maybe you could just sleep on the floor. It’s quite good for the back. I’ve spent many, many nights in a sleeping bag on the ground or floor of a tent and never slept better.

Just a thought, and the floor is already there, won’t cost you anything extra.

Oh yeah, and you’ll never fall out of bed. :thumbsup:

Me too! We are totally devoted to Select comfort now. Both me and DH had lots of back problems but all better since we switched a few years ago.

My DH and I purchased a queen size Serta pillow top mattress when we were purchasing our condo. We love it. It’s very comfortable.
We actually shopped around the Christmas holiday to get the good deals and paid about $200 less than what the regular price would be.

So shop around, test the mattresses and try to hold out buying something until the holiday season rolls around.

Good luck finding something that you like. :slight_smile:

My DH and I had a king water bed for many years that we really liked. But the time came to get a new bed and we got a pillow top queen Sealy that was pretty good. Now, we have a King Sleep Number that is fantastic. We NEVER wake up with any type of back ache. They are expensive but worth the money, expecially if you have any back problems. Good luck on your search. I highly recommend the Sleep Number Bed!