Mattress stitch question

I am making a christmas stocking in the round with 60 stitches. I started with a provisional cast on so I could knit the cuff with name flat and then graft to the stocking. My question is basic but I want to be sure…how many stitches do I need to add to my flat work in order to end up with 60 stitches after seaming for a perfect grafting to the round stocking. 61? 62? Thanks in advance for your answers!

Welcome to KH!
It depends on how many sts you use for your seam on the flat piece. You want to end up with the same number of sts on the cuff after seaming as the 60sts you have on the stocking knit in the round.
If you seam between the first and 2nd stitch and between the last and next to last on the flat cuff you’ll need 2 extra sts. Those 2 extra sts will disappear into the seam so you would need 62sts.

Thank you for your very clear answer. I will CO 62 sts tonight!
It is nice to be here! Wish I had discovered this option years ago!

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