Mattress stitch and slipping the first stitch of the row?

Hello everyone!

I am new to knitting and I am so glad I found this site. It has tons of useful info.
I am knitting a baby afghan that is worked in strips. I’ve finished all the strips but now I have to use mattress stitch to join them. The problem is that I’ve slipped the first stitch of each row, and the edges look different from the ones that I saw in the video. I wouldn’t want to use the second stitch because it is an afghan. Was the slipping of stitches a mistake in this case? Is there a way to use mattress stitch?
Thank you for your help.

You can still use mattress stitch. You’ll put your needle in the bar between the edge stitches. You’ll be stitching every other row since the stitches were knit every other row, but it should look fine. Just pull on the seam to make sure it doesn’t bunch up as you go.

ETA - You can also use an edge to edge seam like the one found here:

Thank you very much Ingrid! I really appreciate your help. :mrgreen: