Mattress seaming a baby hat - HELP!

Hi all:

I need help!!! :verysad: I am having a terrible time trying to mattress seam a baby hat that I have made about 10 of for “Stitches From the Heart”. The hat has K2, P2 ribbing at the bottom for 2 inches and then basic stockinette stitch with some eyelet holes (it’s their basic pattern). I cannot figure out if I should start seaming at the bottom or the top so that the ribbing will turn out right, i.e. 2 knit stitches (there are a total of 4 which include the two end stitches). Does anyone have a suggestion. I have tried so many times and end up taking it out. I even tried doing the pattern on DPN’s but got so frustrated that I gave up on that for now. PLEASE HELP!!! I have watched Amy’s video on mattress seaming which is wonderful but am mainly having trouble getting the ribbing at the bottom to match up correctly :shrug: .

I would appreciate your help. You’ve been there before when I’ve needed help and I sure need it now!

Thanks in advance! :frog:

I’d start at the bottom so the ends line up correctly. To be honest, if ribbing doesn’t line up exactly, I just seam the best I can. My other clothing has noticeable seams, why shouldn’t a seamed hat? Try to pick up in the middle of each of the end stitches and work your way up. The stockinette done with mattress is so great, you’ll forget all about the ribbing.

Hi Ingrid:

That’s what I was kinda thinking. However I’m confused on which stitches to sew up - do you use the ones at the very end or one stitch in? I know my wording isn’t exactly right, but I hope you understand what I’m trying to say! I know that on Amy’s video she shows two ways of doing it - stitches that have one bar in the middle and then the ones one the end (I think) that have two bars. Which do you suggest?

Thanks again for your help. :notworthy: I remember that you helped me out back months ago on something I was working on - I remember your avatar! Cute!

I never use the one right on the end. I usually use the center of the first full stitch on each side.


Thank you! I will give it a try tomorrow and I’m sure the more I do, the better I will get at it.


If you have 10 to do, you’ll be an expert in to time. And will probably wish you had used dpns! :rofling: