Matthew McConoughey as the new Magnum?

Word is that Matthew McConoughey is on the short list for actors to portray Magnum, P.I. on the big screen. I SAY YES!!!:inlove: :drool:

Matthew is soooooo smooooooooooooooth! Hubba hubba!

And here I was going to say that Matthew lacks the curly mane to run your fingers through. :roflhard:

:teehee: Now this is my idea of pleasant porn! Throw in a pic of Shaun Connery and :woohoo:

Matthew is hot, but not hot enough for Magnum. Tom Selleck is one of the hottest men who has ever lived. I don’t even know who can fill his shoes. It has to be a manly man–totally, completely [I]male[/I]. Know what I mean? No pretty boys. Magnum didn’t try to be gorgeous. He just naturally was. Someone who primps can’t be Magnum. And Magnum HAS to have a hairy chest!

Oh i say Yes to Matthew. and for those who thinks he too pretty. He doesn’t wear deodorant, though he does shower several times a day. I don’t mind the hairless chest. fixes the itch factor when you hug. :inlove:

I don’t care if he smells pretty. He’s not rugged enough. Why can’t Tom Selleck play Magnum again? He’s still yummy.

Selleck will be 64 this year, not that I think age matters in most things, but ‘they’ probably think that women in their 20’ and 30’s wouldn’t be attracted to him.

One of the psychiatric units I worked in had a picture of him inside the narcotics cabinet. We made multiple excuses to opent the locked cabinet as often as possible.

Oh what? And women in their 40’s and 50’s don’t count? My mother is in her 60’s and I bet she’d pay money to see Tom as Magnum again! And more mature and (maybe) wiser Magnum. :passedout:

I agree that Matt is pretty hot, but he can’t compare to Tom Selleck! Tom is one-in-a-billion!

I have an idea. Bring back Tom Selleck as Magnum and have Matthew be his son who is working along side of him. It would be the best of both worlds!!! Of course then they’d have to do some explaining about how/why he has a son, but I’m sure they could come up with something!

I agree. He’s cute, but there is only one Magnum, P.I. Besides, why must they turn another 70’s or 80’s tv show into a movie? Can’t they come up with any original ideas?

I’m 41 and I would walk across hot coals for Tom Selleck! I would cross a safe street for Matthew.

I feel the same way and I am 30. Age makes no difference here. :aww: When he was Monica’s BF on Friends I was actually JEALOUS. Oh well!

He’s about the world’s most physically perfect man.

I agree the hot coals for Tom Selleck. I do have a picture of him when he was doing the TV show. My neice was living in Hawaii and he didn’t give out his autograph. But he didn’t mind her taking his picture. I love that photograph and look at every time I find it
then I put it away until I find it again.:roflhard::roflhard:
So yes I think he would be great in the movie I would drive to see that in a heart beat.


I was never really a big Magnum PI fan…maybe just because my brother was and my job as a little sister was to act in contrast to him…but at anyrate Matthew is HOT and SEXY (and he has curly hair). Don’t really care for the fuzzy face and trucker glasses in the posted picture, but clean shaven in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days or the Wedding Planner movie :inlove: :thumbsup:
okay must get back to :knitting:

Matthew is yummy. He’s just not Magnum. I love his accent.

My boss looks a LOT like Tom Selleck. :aww:

Oh yes! YUMMY!!