Matter of Opinion?

Okay - so I entered this blanket in Iowa State Fair - I didnt get any ribbons or anything, which is fine - I do it simply for the fun of it! However, when I picked it up today, I was reading the judges comments, and on judge wrote, "question the color choices. I was a tad offended…i mean what is wrong with the colors? I used the as close of colors to what the pattern called for in the yarn that i wanted to use…what do you guys think of the colors? THe dark one is a chocolate brown…the lighting makes it look black…

I had some great advice when I started knitting “There are no knitting police”. This applied from everything to how I held my needles (I was never sure if I was doing it ‘right’), to how I finished the project. If what I was doing produced results I was happy with then nothing else mattered. If you love it, then it’s right :slight_smile: Color is such a personal choice-that’s why there are so many different fashion designers. People just see things differently. I can see how chocolate brown and shades of pink (purple? hard to tell in the pic) would be appealing. I think for me it’s the white that is distracting. Because of my background working at a portrait studio, I’m used to telling people to avoid large changes in CONTRAST (light versus dark), that in portraits it’s better to stick with colors that are the similar DEGREE of light and dark. The reason for this is that the high contrast can be distracting, your eye will go to one spot (For example next time you see a family portrait with men in suits with white shirts, look how the little triangle of white is distracting away from their faces-think how much nicer it would look if the shirt was a color that was similar in darkness to the color of the suit. So I’m a little biased in my view of color that way, because that’s just the way my eye is trained now. But like I said, the most important critic is you, if you LOVE it and it makes you happy-what else matters?

Personally, I don’t see a thing wrong with your color choices–very lovely afghan indeed!

But I have been combing through wallpaper sample books (not, contrary to what you might think, to redecorate my house, but to make other crafts using the samples), and I see combinations like this [U]all the time![/U] It’s very modern looking–and very stylish; however, style is such a preference–and can cut two ways.

Personally, I’m shocked that they docked you because of colors–shouldn’t they be looking more at your stitches?

I don’t see anything wrong with it! He’s probably one of those people who has a narrower taste for color so I wouldn’t take it personally.

For my own personal taste I’d probably go more monochromatic, but I know that’s just me and I would never judge others on the choices they make.

Good for you for submitting you work to the State Fair to begin with. It’s a beautiful blanket and I’m sure drew many more positive comments. If you wanted to win the blue ribbon, you’d pay attention to what the judges say in detail and to the blankets that take ribbons. But if you do it for fun, you should please yourself. As everyone has commented, color, of all things is so much a matter of personal preference. Enjoy your lovely blanket and keep submitting.

A quick search online for something like bedding shows that these colors go well together. The only additions I saw from the “experts” was that they sometimes included a cool color with the combination–like a light green (olive) or a gray-blue.

But judges are people, too, and although they may know a lot about crochet, that doesn’t mean they know much about color combos.

The colors look a lot like ones I would use. I wouldn’t take the judges comments to personally, it’s just his/her opinion. Lots of people would love something like that, I think. :slight_smile:

Whenever you do something where you will be judged, be it food, knitting, sewing, criminal proceedings, (lol)whatever. You are at the mercy of those who judge. The fact you didn’t win anything or the comment, does not mean it wasn’t ribbon worthy. You could have been with a different group of judges who thought it was superb. Frankly, I believe they should have concentrated on the techniques, the accuracy, the excellence of the knitting or crocheting abilities and not the color, unless you were required to use only certain color combos??? I think it is beautiful so I wouldn’t let someone’s personal opinion matter whether they were a judge or some stranger on the street. It is all about their opinion so just enjoy your afghan and love it.

So these comments (“question the color choices”) were meant [U]for you to read[/U]?

At the outset, I thought that perhaps the note was meant to be read by the judges. Like their ‘notes’ to themselves, or each other.

Seems highly offensive to post a note like that to the knitter/crocheter. Unless you knew from the outset (stated in the rules) that your project would be returned to you with the reasons it didn’t take a ribbon of some sort.

I like your afghan just fine! And what an adorable pattern! I friended you over at Ravelry! And found your project, and then clicked on the 97 other projects. Yours is one of the best!

Thank you to everyone for the positive comments!

When you pick up your entry at the end of the fair, there is a piece of paper attached for judges comments and how you were scored. Last year when I entered, I got some really good feedback on what I could’ve done better, etc, etc. The part about “questions color choices” that upsets me is that they didnt elaborate…there was no reason listed as to why they didnt like them. In my opinion if you are going to write something like that, then at least give an explanation as to why you feel that way.

Oh well! Time to start thinking about what I want to enter next year!

I agree! If they’re going to write a comment, they at least owe you the explanation of it. How can you improve if no advice/tips/ helpful advice is offered?? Or at a tiny nudge in the right direction? Or SOMETHING!!!

I am glad you’ve still got your good attitude to see you thru! Good luck next year!


I realize that I am in the minority here, But I can see the color choice being questioned. Not that they don’t look good together, but the WAY they are arranged feels strange to me. Let me see if I can explain why it feels strange. I have OCD tendencies and small things that most would not notice, make me obsessive and I itch to “fix them” to fit my perception of what they should be. I actually want to reach into the picture you shared and rearrange the peices to fit my expectations, nerocies whatever. :aww:
For example, I would not have had a white center on the dark “flower” I would have used the light purple, so that the flowers were negative images of each other. I also would have made all the peices not in a “flower” the same color, All white or all brown, omiting 1 color completely.
The fact that the background is 2 different colors, but not the same number of peices for each background color bothers me. I keep focusing on counting the background peices (6 white, 12 brown), thinking they will magically change if I count them enough:roflhard: , instead of focusing on the bigger picture of the beauty of the peice as a whole.
HOWEVER, that being said, this is a great blanket that you obviousely worked very hard on and should take great pride in its completion. :yay: But most importantly, as long as the overall design makes YOU happy, that is all that matters. The judge that questioned the colors, may have a few OCD tendencies himself or might just not like purple. :shrug: