Mathematical problem

Ok So I find this pattern for Three wishes baby blanket… Its just a simple pattern of knit every row for 35 inches…
I’m using white as the MC

Well I’m taking it to a new level after 4 inches I added 4 rows of baby blue two rows of white and 4 of blue again… continuing with the white now I’m at about 10inches. I want to add something else I was thinking of a teddy bear or butterfly… it would be too dificult not to mention I wouldnt know where to begin… if I did it in blue. So I want to stick with the white but maybe Purl the image into the blanket.

Kate the Cat is the image I wanted How do i figure out how to center her on there or maybe make her a lil bigger.

It will possibly be a throw for a person in a wheelchair so it may be bigger than 35" of course. A teddy bear pattern would be better but the cat will do too.

To make it bigger, you could draw it out on graph paper, maybe doubling every stitch. To center it, find the center of the cat and line it up with the center of your blanket. As for height, you would do the cat and then knit the rest of the blanket to match the part before the cat. Does that make sense?

I think that, in order to center the cat, you subtract the number of stitches in the cat pattern from the number of stitches in the blanket and then divide by two to find where to start.

If your brain started tying itself into knots after reading that paragraph, let me try to illustrate. The cat pattern is 34 stitches and the blanket is 150 stitches.


Therefore, there are 114 non-cat stitches on the blanket.


This tells us that there are 57 stitches on either side of the cat. Therefore, knit 57 stitches and the 58th stitch will be the first of the cat pattern.

If you are making this for a person in a wheelchair maybe you don’t need to worry about the picture being perfectly centered vertically. It might be nicer to have the picture be a little nearer to the top of the blanket so that it’s closer to the lap instead of hanging down.


I tried both ways then thought it over for a day or so and figured I could fit four 36-stitch patterns in 150 sts with 6 sts remaining. (if u can understand what I mean)

So anywho’s I split the 6 sts up as follows…K1-pattern,SM, K1-pattern, SM, K2-pattern, SM,K1-Pattern-K1

I also played around with the pattern & changed it up a bit…

ORIGINAL: Rw 7:K3, P8, K14, P8, K3
MINE: K11, P14 K11

So I’m basically reversing some of the sts to Purl the cat into the work. Also decided to keep it as a baby blanket did my 10 inches will do the pattern then 10 inches again after the pattern.

My mom has ALOT of cats on her farm so I also used the pattern in a scarf for her 36 sts wide with original pattern on one end and I was thinking of reversing the pattern… Starting from Row 53 and going to Row 1 in hopes of getting it to be in the same direction as the first one. Also I’ll use my Purl method with the blanket for the second cat in the scarf.