Math... ug...HELP!

Ok, I need help checking my math here… I’m knitting a simple hat - basically, it’s cast on 56 stitches, knit for 9.5 inches, decrease (k6 ktog). But I’m not using the same yarn/needle combo. So I made a gauge square… my first! I hate checking gauge - I know I should just embrace it, but it just seems like a waste of time and yarn. Anyway… so the pattern’s gauge is 4stiches=1inch. My gauge is 20stitches=1inch…

So… I should cast on 280 (gasp!) rather then the 56 the pattern calls for, right?

Also, will my decreasing stay the same… can I still wait until 9.5 inches of the hat is done and then start the decreasing? Or is this hat going to be so massive that I have to start decreasing right away.

I’m not really sure why I’m making this so hard on myself… the hat is going to match a scarf I just finished so I want to use the same yarn, and the needles are just the good ones I like.

Please help!

20 stitches to the inch? That’s awfully tiny. What yarn and needle size are you using? (Are you sure you’re not doing wraps per inch, or maybe you have 20 stitches over 4 inches or something? And if you just finished the scarf with the same yarn and needles, couldn’t you just have checked the gauge on the scarf?)

Otherwise, your math looks right to me- I believe you should be able to start the decreases in the same place, because even though you’re doing more decreases, each decrease will take off less width, so it should all work out.

20 stitches per inch? Are you knitting with lace weight on tiny needles? I think the most per inch I’ve ever knit is 8 per inch–fingering weight on size 3.

If the yarn IS that tiny, it could be doubled and increasing about 4-5 needle sizes would put you closer to the ballpark.