Math help (yes, it's knitting related)

It’s a two part question.

[li]I have a right triangle, and I would like to know what the measurement should be as indicated in the picture.[/li][li]Then, I need to know the formula to calculate the area of a right triangle. All I keep coming up with on internet searches is trigonometry[FONT=Verdana] stuff, and I’m WAY lost. :noway: I remember this being a very easy calculation from junior high while learning geometry, so I [I][U]know[/U][/I] I don’t have to know trigonometry to calculate this! :wall:[/FONT][/ol] [/li]Thank you, you knitting and math genuises!!!:notworthy:

A=1/2 (l*w) I believe… half of the area of a rectangle created by the two shorter sides…

Well technically it is a=1/2 (b*h), where b is the length of the base and h is the height of the triangle.

You can use this site to calculate!