Math help with pattern mod

I’m knitting this top, but I wanted a different shape in the body, so rather than doing the a-line shape, I knit straight down from the armholes to the waist, where I would like to have a decrease round to bring it down to my waist size, and then finish it off with a wide rib panel on smaller needles. However, this is my first time modding a pattern and I’m not completely sure how to go about the math.

The work is currently at 232 sts and it measures 107cm around, I would like to bring this down to around 81cm. The pattern specifies a (k3,p1) rib for the bottom, but I guess I could also do a (k2,p1) rib instead if the math works out better. How do I go about figuring out how many increases I need, and how to space them evenly?


I have no idea if this is correct, but I think that if I do (k2,k2tog) I should get to 174 sts, which would put me around the 81cm, and would work with a (k2,p1) rib. Have I got this right?

The math works out close for the decreases. Just count your sts to make sure you end with 174. The k2p1 rib will work with that.
Most patterns decrease more gradually to the waist and then increase for the hips. Are you sure that you want such an abrupt decrease at the waist?
Will it still be easy to slip on and off?


Yes, I’m going for that blousy feel that vintage patterns (cirka 1940s) have. They’re usually knit straight in the body, ending at the waist with a single decrease row followed by a panel of ribbing. They’re meant to be worn with high waisted trousers/skirts, so you don’t want them to go much lower than the waist. Usually the ribbing in the old patterns is flexible enough so that it’s still easy to get in and out of the shirt, whether this will be the case here, I don’t know, but I’ve placed a safety line above the decreases, if I do have to go back and change it.

That all sounds great. Love to see the finished top.

I thought I’d revive this old thread rather than starting a new thread about the same pattern.

After doing the decrease row and the rib panel, I need to bind off. The pattern specifies binding off in CC yarn on larger needles, then picking up stitches in MC yarn to do an i-cord edge. However, this is not going to be stretchy enough for my modded, narrower waist.

So, I’m looking for inspiration for what to do instead - ideally maintaining the pop of CC yarn to more or less match with the sleeve cuffs and necklines. Any good ideas?

Maybe doing the surprisingly stretchy B.O. with the CC yarn, then pick up stitches and do a few rows of curly stockinette with the MC? (Or would the curling MC end up hiding the CC?)

You’d probably need more than a few rows. The stockinette will tend to curl right up to the rib. You might try a swatch to see if you can find the right number of rows.
I wonder if you worked the last row or two of rib in the CC (you’d have to knit across one row to avoid dots in the purl part of the rib), then continued in stockinette with the MC? Would that give you the line of CC and hold off the curl of the stockinette?

That might be a nice, simpler way of doing it. Would be nice to not have to pick up stitches! I’ll give it a try.