Math geeks invent new stitch "Mobius stitch" << images of stitch

How to knit the mobius stitch.

The mobius stitch instructions use some special terms, which are here defined:
Twist 1st st – sl 1 knitwise, sl 1 back.
Twist 2nd st – sl 1, sl 1 knitwise, sl 2 back.
K2 tog-b dropping 1 – k2 tog-b but slide only the first of the two stitches off the left needle.

Multiple of 3 stitches.

All rows – * Twist 2nd st, k2 tog-b dropping 1, yo, p2 tog-b; repeat from *.

I’m gonna get on this asap! How exciting!

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Be sure to post a pic so we can see it better than the illustration! Very cool indeed…I love the whole math connection to knitting!


what is tog-b? is that just the same as tog? ive only been knitting for five months

found it

tog-b is going into the back of the loop instead of the front. so k2 tog-b would be :??

oh man, i gotta go out gardening right now. have to tear myself away from this. otherwise it’ll get too hot to garden later.

this is exciting for me!

cool!!! Please do post a pic once you get the hang of it!

I have 2 reactions. 1 - makes my head hurt. 2 - gotta do it!!! Thanks for posting, and yes, please post pics if you do it!

I am a geometry teacher (33 years) and have always loved Mobius Strip since high school when I did a project of Topology. I think this is too cool…and just as soon as exams are over, I’m going to knit a Mobius scarf using this stitch…I’m thinking with a variegated yarn…but would love to see a picture of the actually stitch not just a diagram…

just two little questions…what type of cast on and how do you bind off???
thanks for the info

my husband is familiar with Al because he is a schemer. If you have any questions, here are the e-mails for the guys who worked on this. I’m going to try and knit it up today using a yarn i think will give stitch definition. I will post pics of progress. If i can’t do it today, it will be Monday, bc I work weekends.

Mobius Knitting

Daniel C. Isaksen
Department of Mathematics
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame IN 46556, U.S.A.

Alabama P. Petrofsky
35 De Ford Dr
San Rafael CA 94903, U.S.A.

and here are their directions…

How to knit a mobius strip with the mobius stitch.

  1. Follow the overall instructions above for a helical strip, but use the following stitches:

Casting on (3n + 2 sts) – Reverse yo left needle, yo, k1, * sl 1 back knitwise, yo, k1, sl 1 back knitwise, yo, yo, k1; repeat from *; end: sl 1 back knitwise, yo, k1, drop the stitch just knit and tie it.

Rows 1 & 2 – * Twist 2nd st, k2 tog-b dropping 1, yo, p2 tog-b; repeat from *; end twist 2nd, k2 tog-b, yo.

Row 3 – Twist 1st st, p2 tog-b, * twist 2nd st, k2 tog-b dropping 1, yo, p2 tog-b; repeat from *.

  1. Once row three is started, you have merged the top and bottom edges to form one continuous mobius strip edge with 2n + 1 sets of three stitches. Keep knitting the 3 stitch pattern until the strip is of the desired width. Bind off in the usual manner, passing each stitch over the next stitch, but don’t do yos, and after each purl stitch twist it to the left (sl 1 back knitwise, sl 1). $\Box$

To pick up stitches correctly, you should experiment first with slowly dropping stitches of the mobius pattern off the needle and observing how to put them back on correctly. Also note that when the stitches have just had the casting-on pulled out of them, the purl stitches are rotated quite a bit to the left. You must rotate them more than 180 degrees to the right (counterclockwise as viewed from above) to put them on the needle correctly.

For best results, we recommend shortening the stiff ends of your circular needle, which makes it easier to work with when wrapped twice around a small circle. If you do not have a modified needle, it may be easier to do the picking up of stitches on a double-pointed needle and transfer them to the circular needle every few stitches. :happydance:

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Thanks for the further info…I await your pictures…