Math check!

I’m making a sweater, a combination of top secret and a plain drop sleeve. I used the calculator at knittingfool and it neglected to tell me how many to decrease on the neck edges. So, here’s what I’m thinking:

I’m supposed to wind up with 94 stitches around for the collar.
Each side (front/back) has 117 sts.
I’m supposed to put 27 on a holder on the middle front.
Add the corresponding sts from the back, I now have 54.
If I decrease 10 on each side: 74
Corresponding back sts: 94
Leaving 35 for each shoulder seam.

Does this sound right?


Although the math makes my head spin this time of the morning, it looks right to me.

Thanks for checking. That’s about the way I felt last night when I was figuring it.

It seems okay to me!