Maternity knitting

I don’t know why I’m asking this b/c with my list of “want-to’s” growing…I seriously doubt I could squeeze in a project for myself but I was wondering…does anyone know of any knitted maternity patterns? I think I saw one a while back in a knitting magazine at the grocery story but can’t remember what it was…

In the end, it probably isn’t popular b/c you only wear the items for a period of time but it’s something that I’ve thought of knitting just for fun…

I think lion brand has a pattern for a maternity tunic that you can wear all through your pregnancy and afterwards, as well. I saw it once on their website, but you have to register now to see it. Here’s a link:

Thanks–I’ll check it out–I hate it now that you have to register to see their stuff…

The current Interweave Knits has a maternity sweater in it.

Yep, I was just going to mention this. It’s called “Mommy Snug” by Kate Gilbert.

cool…I’ve gotta go by a nearby fabric store that carries a good selection of knitting mags…I’ll see if they have interweave…if not–my bn has it so I can get it next week when I’m over there for our bi-weekly snb.

I picked up “Natural Knits” for some baby items possibly for my bro and sil’s newest addition and they have a maternity and nursing sweater pattern. the maternity sweater has open sides part way up that can be “laced up” with ribbon to adjust for growth… :thumbsup:

“Knitting for Two” has the cutest freaking maternity cardigan ever. And a bunch of other mom/baby patterns. But oh, the cardigan…makes me want to get pregnant again so I can wear it!! :wink:

I was just wondering this myself today. I’m interested in some breastfeeding wear (the shirts with the “invisible” flap for more discreet feeding) and one I can wear when I become pregnant again.

If I find anything, I’ll be sure to let you know! :slight_smile:

:thinking: [color=indigo]Now I have to start knitting maternity clothes! I have already been knitting baby clothes for ‘just in case’, but I had never considered making maternity knits! My husband and I would like to have more children at some point. We currently have a 12 year old daughter from one of my previuos relationships. So, about the same time every year we sit down and evaluate our lives to see if it’s a good time to have a child. We check out everything from fincances, college tuitions, house repairs, work stability, and our health… especially my heath since I’m disabled with back injuries that I’m still hoping will repair itself.
So I knit baby clothes for ‘just in case’ and then I have ready made baby items for friends who get knocked up, and now I have to plan for being knocked up myself by knitting maternity clothes. :cheering: More knitting to do! More knitting patterns to purchase!!

Kats [/color]

OH I think nursing knitwear would be fabulous, but with double layers I wonder if it would be too hot?

Knitty has a very cute tank top to knit. :thumbsup:

yah…I’ve seen the knitty tank but my baby will be born in winter and I’ve no idea how quickly I’ll loose weight w/ this second one so I don’t have a clue what size I’ll be the next summer. I’ll have to check into that cardigan though! Thanks guys!

I saw a ribbed sweater in a magazine recently. It had a few shortrows along the front to keep the sweater from riding up as you grow and a few buttons on both sides that went up for about 8 inches that allowed you to unbutton the side slits to accomodate your belly. I think that if you blocked it right once you were done that it could be alright for after-baby wear too.

Thanks Aidan–that sounds like the one in interweave…I was able to get a copy of it this afternoon!

That top is kinda cute, except the hook and eye area looks a little bulky…and it looks like there’s a little uniboob syndrome going on there…