Maternity Knits

Hello there,

I was wondering if anyone knew any websites that have free maternity patterns. I’ve been busily making a poncho, but now that winter is setting in it would be good to have something with sleeves.

Any suggestions?

many thanks,

Lou x

Hello Lou,

No tips concerning such websites, but two ideas that you might maybe find interesting:
The first is not for maternity, but for baby wearing. It’s my own pattern, so sorry for self-promotion :wink: The blog is in German, but the pattern is in English.

The second is that I am currently 7th month pregnant myself and I love to wear tubes (from cotton with elastic or wool with elastic) over my belly - keeps me warm and keeps my normal tops from being too short. I don’t know the name in English, but it’s just a tube, so not very difficult to knit, and you might use it after the pregnancy as a smoke ring or cowl.

All the best

Unfortunately I didn’t find any free patterns that were specifically for maternity. I did find this one though that some people have turned into a maternity top. I would think you could increase the front with short rows or even some increases under the bust to make the front into a bump. You could probably do those things with a lot of sweaters.

Here’s a few books you could try getting from your library.
Knitting for Two
Expectant Little Knits