Materials Needed in Metric Measures...Help


My name is Debby and I have a pattern for longies with metric measures. I need one more conversion so I know how much yarn I need.

This pattern calls for 150g of 8 ply wool yarn. How do I figure out how many yards this is?

Thanks so much for your help.

Most yarn is put up in 50gm/1.75 oz balls, so you’d need 3 of them, but different weights have different yards or meters in them. 8 ply is equivalent to fingering weight. So look at that weight yarn and probably 3 50gm balls would be enough.

Thank you. I never would have dreamed that 8 ply is fingering weight yarn. This pattern is for longies in newborn size.

Here’s an article that explains the ply yarn weight system and its conversion to US weight. And I lied… it’s really DK weight. I get confused on the conversions sometimes…

Thank you for the link and for the correction. I’m relieved that it is DK rather than fingering. Thanks again.