Matel Recall

If any of your children have any toys by Matel…Dora the Explorer, Sesame Street, Go Diego Go, etc. please check the Matel website to see if any of their toys are on the recall list. Matel did their own check to make sure the toys were safe and found lead. They were able to stop the output of most of the items, but a few got out there. We checked all of our toys, but bought them before May 1, 2007 so they were all considered safe. I just couldn’t imagine having lead in any of my little girl’s toys. I hope none of your children have any on the list. :pray:

Oh man. I work in a store that basically sells Sesame Street stuff. I looked at the list, and we have a lot of the products. I stocked some of them tonight.

Wow, that’s pretty scary. I hope parents find this so no childern get hurt.