Matching ponchos for doll and girl

Hey everyone! This question may seem really simple to people who are experienced at changing patterns, but I have only used patterns as they are, so I’m a little concerned.

I have found the perfect poncho pattern to make for my little cousin’s American girl doll:
She’s an average-sized seven year old and I want to make a matching poncho for her to wear when the doll wears hers. As it’s a poncho I figure the alterations won’t be extremely difficult, but I’d appreciate any advice on how to change it from doll-sized to child-sized.

hi there- you may want to troll through the many girl poncho patterns out there to see if there is one close enough to your doll pattern and go from there.

Somewhere here I made a sweater for my daughter and her doll- but I make my daughter’s sweater following a pattern for a grown up then re wrote it for the doll. (search capelet for 18 inch doll)

there are tons of free poncho patterns around for kids, so rather that writing one or resizing from a doll, I’d use one of those. Dolls aren’t in exact proportion to real kids…

As long as you use similar yarn/ trim they will look very similar!
good luck!

Here is a child’s poncho pattern that is similar, if you make it in a solid color instead of the stripes.