Matching Hat and Floves

Here’s the Morse Code hat from earlier, now with its matching friends The Floves. This is my second pair of floves, and while still a PITA–they came out much nicer. I probably wouldn’t choose to knit any type of glove again any time soon… :doh:

:teehee: I thought floves was a typo at first!

Everything looks great - I love the colors!

Ohhhh… I get it. Fingerless gloves= floves (it takes me a while to get stuff)

It looks great! :cheering:

I forgot that you can’t really see the fact that they’re fingerless in this picture. Heh…The pattern is a modification of Knitty’s “Cigar”

Both look great! What is it that you didn’t enjoy about knitting the floves ?(cool word btw)

Eh…I dunno, I guess everybody has things they do or don’t prefer and gloves are on my “don’t” list. I just didn’t enjoy working the fingers, and I kept getting weird holes near the joins that I’d have to graft as I went or figure out a way to pick up stitches and then knit them together with others to close up the holes, etc etc etc. Just a lot of effort for a product that didn’t thrill me. :shrug:

so is anyone gonna post a pic fo them modelling the hat and floves?

Hmm…I’m gifting them to my friend this weekend. Maybe I can get him tipsy enough for a few silly poses.

Sadly…no pics of the recipient wearing the hat and gloves. I gifted them last night and he hates them, I can tell. :verysad:

I’m a leetle disappointed and maybe a bit heartbroken…cuz they actually came out pretty nice looking. And he requested these items specifically so I worked hard on them. And they fit. But he doesn’t hide his opinion well and I could tell he thought they were lame, and he’ll never wear them.

Stupid best friend. :verysad:

I would be well vexed if i went to all that bother to knit a man a hat and he went off like that :-x
Why dont you model them then ?
I think the hat and glvoes are lovely, id wear them gladly :slight_smile:

They are no longer in my possession…they’re his now, likely languishing in his apartment. Ah well…someday I’ll actually knit something for myself. I think I’m a glutton for punishment. :teehee:

Truly, I’m not quite up to being ready for a thin sweater of the sort I would actually wear. So I’m knitting smaller things I’d never wear (like hats, gloves, scarves, etc) and then finding people to force them upon. Heheh…serves me right! I enjoy the process though.