Matching cast-on and bind-off?

Amy did such a good job in the discussion about increasing and decreasing, talking about which increases went best with which decreases, that I was wondering if there is a similar discussion about casting-on and binding-off.

Are there any recommendations about which cast-on and bind-off pair best with each other? Or does anyone have opinions? It probably isn’t important most of the time, but I just made a calorimetry and my two edges really didn’t look that much alike. They look pretty good (if I say so myself!), but different.

I usually use the long tail cast-on, but for my calorimetry, I used the cable cast on. I broke my elbow a few weeks ago and I found that I wasn’t limber enough to do the long tail! I wasn’t too good at rotating my hand and moving my thumb. And, I used the Russian bind-off (purl two together, slip stitch from right needle to left needle, repeat). Knitting seemed to be pretty good therapy for my hand and I learned/practiced a few things while I was doing it.

If I feel it’s important for the two ends to match, I do a provisional cast-on, and then bind off both ends.

Crochet CO is nearly identical to the standard chain BO. I’ve used it a number of times.

Some feel the sewn BO (which I really like!) is a match for LT CO but I’ve not found that to be the case.


For a k1 p1 rib I like to cast on using the cable cast on for ribbing as described in Vogue knitting. (Point the needle through the last two stitches on the needle, alternating away from and toward you. Then for the first row only knit through the back loops for the knit stitches.) Or shown here as the alternate cable cast on.

The best match for this is the k1 p1 bind offusing a needle. Both edges are stetchy.

Thanks for the responses on this. I’ll have to try some of these techniques out!