Matchine up increases and decreases

When knitting in the round on a simple top down garment (Wicked, in this case), where you’ve done a series of decreases from the bust to the waist: left leaning are on one side and right leaning on the other. Knit a little more, now for the increases. Is it best to do left leaning increases on the same side as the left leaning decreases (and right leaning increases on the same side as the right leaning decreases), or do you switch them?

The pattern actually just says to do K2tog on both sides for the decreases with optional m1s for shaping at the hip, but I just had to tweak it a little. :think:



I’d go ahead and tweak it. I did the same on a vest I knitted recently with the help of the increase/decrease sample pictures on this site.

Even though it may not be all that “noticeable”, you’ll know and probably be happier with it!

Knit on,


I have never been happy with how ‘matched’ decreases end up looking - K2tog on one side and SSK on the other side. If they are done every other row, it’s fine, but if they’re spaced any further apart than that I find that the K2tog’s are WAY more invisible than the SSK’s. So I’ve started doing all of those types of decreases as K2togs and to me it looks better. There is no obvious “oh that looks like it’s slanting the wrong way”.

Personal preference though, so experiment and see what you like best.