Master List of Yarn Company Links?

I am fascinated researching all the different yarn brands and enjoy spending time visiting their websites, finding free patterns, etc etc.

Are there any sources on the web that lists all the yarn companies with their links?


Don’t know of any, but boy, what a great idea!

Well…if there isn’t one…maybe I can start a project…I have an internet url/homepage I can use to develop it…just don’t want to reinvent the wheel

Boy, that will keep you busy for a few days.:wink:

Have you tried YarnDex?

I looked at yarndex…this isn’t exactly what I am looking for…you can’t even link to the yarn company websites from there…this is a great site to compare yarns, of course…

but I’m just looking for a list of all the yarn companies (with a brief description of their niche) and a link to their site…

The next logical thing to add to this would be a similar listing of internet yarn shops with links to their sites.


Nothing fancy!!