Master Knitting program from TKGA

Has anyone done it? I am looking into it and it sounds like a good chalenge.

my mom is doing it I think she’s in the middle of level 3- fascinating- and challenging. the judges were very… exacting. I say go for it!

I’ve heard it’s kind of a pain…judging subjective and that sort of thing.

I sent for the first packet and decided against it. The information sent with it warns that it is likely that your first round of swatches will be judged unacceptable and that you will have to redo them, possibly more than once. I have to say that they made the process sound pretty tedious. You have to use a particular type and color of yarn for the swatches. I was also a bit annoyed because at the time the website stated that you would receive a certificate for each level that you passed but the information that I got in the mail said only people who finish all the levels would receive a certificate.

I am not that much of a perfectionist that I feel that all my stitches have to look exactly perfect but that does appeal to some people. If you are a member of TKGA you can go to the members forum. They have a special one for people who are doing the program so you can get some sense of what it is like from them.

I’m almost half finished with Level 1. I ordered the packet in October, worked diligently on it for about a month and a half, then set it asside to work on Christmas things. I haven’t picked it back up yet. But I really enjoyed doing it. I plan on finishing by the end of September, so I still have some time.

I’ve already reknit many of my swatches because I’m too picky. I really don’t mind if I have to end up reknitting them again… it’s just a swatch, it’s not like I’m being asked to reknit an entire sweater (yet) hehe.
Here’s a forum on the TKGA website.

I so love challenges like that.

Thanks all. I think I will go for it. :happydance:

Thanks all. I think I will go for it. :happydance: