Massive Error reading Pattern

Hi, first post so here goes. I am really stuck so hope someone is able to help me! I am knitting a fair-isle pattern jumper (the pattern is one that was printed in The Killing Handbook), I have already knitted the back section and the sleeves, and after planning for the front I found that I’ve completely screwed up on the back section. I’ve added far too many rows between two pattern sections (I should have 37 but I have 53) meaning I need to get rid of 16 rows. Is there any way of doing this without taking apart the full piece? I could always redo the front to match the back but when it comes to blocking I fear it’ll all just turn out wrong so I think I should edit my mistake. Hope someone knows! Thanks.

I think there are ways to do it that involve cutting and grafting. I can’t help you there myself. Hang around though because someone should be able to help you out.

This link might give you an idea of what’s involved. DO NOT DO ANYTHING like this until you hear from people who really know something, please!

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This can be done but the question is whether it’s easier to reknit from the beginning of the mistake or try to cut out the extra rows and graft the two sections together. The grafting will be easier if you can do it in an area of plain knitting without floats, even if it’s only 2-3 rows. You can do something similar to “length re-assignment surgery” and graft the two pieces together with Kitchener stitch.

Worth a try. Even if it doesn’t work you can reknit (I know that is a painful suggestion) from either the top down or bottom up.
Can you tell us the name of the pattern?

Personally, I would leave it and knit the front to match. The end result would be a longer sweater, maybe a couple of inches?

Theoretically you could catch all the stitches in the two rows you want to work together, cut out the extra rows and graft it together, but I honestly think it would be quicker and less stressful to just knit the piece over again from that point on, if the extra rows cause a problem.

After all, we do like to knit, no? :teehee:

I agree. I’d much rather spend time reknitting the back than fiddling with cutting and grafting.

Thanks everyone for the help. I think now just to reknit. I don’t mind and I know then I’ll be a lot happier with it.

The pattern is one by Kathy Calmejane, it was printed in The Killing Handbook for a Sarah Lund style jumper. I got a bit confused because sometimes it kept reading like “When you get to 47cm . . .” rather than “at 100 rows . . .” or whatever.