Massachusetts knit gathering

Well I’m here on the cape visitng my mum with my son from Oregon. I wanted to meet up with some folks from KH and go to WEBS but I don’t have a car and my mohter is being so annoying that I don’t think I’ll be able to go anywhere. Is there anyone on thecape who wants to come pick me up and take me away :pray: Its gonna rain on Tuesday, that would be a perfect day :cheering: Anyway, maybe next time we come to MA I can rent a car and escape. This year I got to tough it out with my pita family (which I blog about when I get home) :roll:

Here’s a photo of my wip. It’s the teddy bear knit all in one piece from the Knitty Gritty show. And here’s a photo of my mum’s house on the cape.

I can’t come rescue you right now, but maybe next summer. We go to the Cape every summer. My MIL and FIL have a house near Poccassett–maybe we’ll plan our escape next year.

Speaking of Poccassett, I once saw a sign for handspun yarns in front of one of the houses near the market. My husband and kids were with me and well–they don’t like to shop for yarn as I do. So I thought I would find it again and stop by. Couldn’t find it anywhere, until the day we are off to the airport! It was too late for us to stop and again, I had a husband and kiddos! :wall:

My suggestion would be to steal a car and enjoy the Cape. Where on the Cape are you staying? On the Upper Cape, downtown Falmouth is quite charming and the have one of my favorite children’s bookstores there. The Christmas Tree shops are fun. I even had to pack a box to ship my bargins home this year! If there’s a game nearby, try a Cape Cod baseball game. It’s good outing for the whole family. Also, Woods Hole is a simple, free excursion. Forget the fish, my kids love to clean the fish tanks with the squeegees.

Hi feministmama,

Where is WEBS? I live in Nashua NH, so right over the MA border. (Although kinda far from the cape).

There are tons of yarn shops in the Boston area though, which is a half way point b/t us. IF you take the commuter rail up to South Station, then I can meet you someplace. Although I am not avail Tues. I do have Wed or Thurs.

let me know!

If you come to WEBS, let me know, I live about 25 minutes away from there. I’d love to get together but I can’t afford a 6 hour round trip to pick you up. Sorry.

I know we were talking about maybe going to CT this month for a get together, did anything ever happen with that?