Mason where are you

my 10 year old granddaughter is looking for you
she wants to know what you are knitting
and the places you have been to lately
i finally got her to knit a little bit
strangely i am surprised that she is interested
katherine is a very actice soccer and basket ball player

He’s on the road somewhere, not laid over waiting for repairs. His blog is a good way to keep track of him if he’s got time to update it.

I was just thinking of him too…wondering where he is, what he’s knitting. His blog says he was last in Spokane Washington. It’s interesting to learn of a trucker’s life and the trials and tribs he goes through. It has made me have much more respect for those big rigs on the road. I wave to a driver of one of them every chance I get.

I am alive and well, and a bit touched that someone would wonder where I might be.

To be honest I haven’t knit anything for a while. I did some pipe holsters a while back, and then a sweater, but after that nothing. The arthritis in my hands and shoulders makes knitting too uncomfortable after a day of work.

I was thinking of writing you the other day to ask. Glad you are still doing well. Sorry about the arthritis! :frowning:

glad to hear that you still around
hope all is well
get youself some thin fingerless gloves
and any topical medicine maybe it will help
gloves keep the hands warm and eases the muscels
dont ever stop knitting
you are just terriific
and knitting even for a few moments is like taking a handful of valuim
keep well

Hey Mason!

Thanks for checking in. I was begining to wonder myself. Sorry to hear about the arthritis.