Mason Dixson Sweater

Hello to all. I have a question…what type of needle should I purchase to make this sweater? Straights, Circular? what length if so? I feel real silly asking. I just wish the pattern would tell me. I have recently made something casting on 120 this would be cast on of 130. 14 in. worked ok for that…but I am not sure for a sweater. Thank you to anyone who can help. Here is the pattern.

I use circs for everything–even back-and-forth knitting. If you need to buy needles for this, go with the circs. Then you can use them for other things, too. A sweater on straights, for me anyway, is just to heavy after a while.

well the pattern is written in “rows” instead of “rounds” so that indicates it is knit flat to me. You could knit it on straights then if you can fit the work on the needles.

You can also knit anything that is flat on circs as well, just turn the work instead of joining it.

i have never used straight needles so I can’t tell you if that many stitches would fit on a straight needle or not. :shrug:

I often knitted on straight needles, simply because I didn’t know there were other possibilities.

I would say that amount of stitches is too much. You will spend a whole lot of time pushing and moving your knitting on the needles.

Even on the really long straight needles, that amount of stitches will still require a lot of your time.

I’d suggest circular needles too. Your needle size might be affected. For me it isn’t.

Wow girls, thank you for the advice. I went and bought circulars now. us 5 and us 6 to work the pattern. All they had was 36 inch!!! I hope that it is not bothersome to me. I was hoping to find a little shorter. Anyway thanks to you all.

The 36 will be nice for knitting back and forth!