Mason-Dixon Knitting?

Does anyone have this book? I was browsing through it at Costco the other day and am thinking I’d like to make the nightgown in it. Has anyone attempted it before? Is it easy?

I haven’t made the nightgown, but I really love the book!

I have been coveting that book as well. But seeing as how I have purchased a lot of knitting things lately I have to hold off. I have heard nothing but great things about this book. :smiley:

I just got the book a week ago, and I’m wanting to try a bunch of stuff. If anything, it sounds as though these gals would be supportive if you have any questions or problems…
I love one of their quotes about fearing a call to the other as she "may sound like a character from the movie Fargo…"
Hey! I’m from here, I’m not a character! :rollseyes:
:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I just got it in the mail today! Lots of cute stuff. I really want to make a log cabin blanket, and I’ve never had the urge to make a blanket before! Also knitted curtains…ah, where will I find the time?

Ohh! I loved the idea of knitted curtains!!! Dh is in the Air Force so we have to move around quite a bit (well, we will if our current base will ever let us leave :rollseyes: ) and I thought that knitting curtains or valances would be a neat way to make each place look like “home.” I won’t use expensive yarn or anything, but I think it’d be cool!! :slight_smile:

I just talked to a friend today and we’re going to Costco on Thursday or Friday so I think I’ll pick it up while I’m there. :inlove:

I have the book and the best part of it for me was reading it. Very humorous!! My favorite pattern is for the seat cushion on page 42.

The night gown doesn’t look difficult…a lot of K, P and SK2P and some yo’s and ssk’s. Hope that helps!! The robe to match it is very pretty too!! :XX: :XX:

I got the book for Mother’s Day and I :heart: it! There is so much stuff in it that I want to knit. The knitted curtains are definitely on my list. I haven’t tried the nightgown but I was thinking of making a short tank-top-like version of it at some point. I’ve been drooling over the Euroflax linen yarn at my LYS ever since I got this book…