Mason Dixon afghan and cotton yarn

Can someone tell me if there is a secret to working with cotton yarn. I have just started making mitered squares for a Mason Dixon pattern afghan. I know that the yarn needs to be tied on different then when working with wool, but I am unsure how to correctly do this. Also when hiding the ends, is there anything I should know?


Hmmm, I’ve been using alot of cotton recently and have not done anything differently than when I use wool. I weave in the ends the same as I do wool. With cotton I am a little more intentional about changing color on a seam but other than that there isn’t a difference that I know of!

Would love to know if I am doing something wrong!

Well I thank you for your reply, as I have a ton of these mitered squares to do, I will just proceed as normal.

Thank you

I use my leftover washcloths for these. I change my colors at the beginning and leave a tail to weave in afterwards. I never tried joining the cotton like the wool, guess I never gave it a thought. I love it cause my squares have cute stripes throughout them.

I start my color changes on the ends and weave them in afterwards. Never thought I could do it another way. I might have to experiment now. I use my left over cloth cotton for these, and I love the stripes and not wasting. Of course it might take a year till I have enough made.

What’s a mitered square and what do you use it for?

I’m not sure of the exact definition, but in knitting a miter is design/corner that forms a corner. You cast on x number of stitches and then decrease in the middle every other row or so. Here’s one tutorial (there are many). They can be done different ways with different types of yarn creating some awesome patterns.

Re: Cotton - I haven’t used cotton for anything except dishcloths, but I know the ends like to pop out a lot easier than wool or even acrylic. I just make sure I weave them in an extra few stitches.

I found a tip about using cotton yarn, after weaving in the end, before cutting the remainder of yarn off cut it a little bit longer and split the plys. Weave one ply under a purl loop and tie a square knot and kind of push it into the work. I am currently knitting with Peaches and Cream cotton yarn . When I have to attach a new skein , that is how I intend to weave in the ends.

Thank you all so much for your input. I am having a lot of fun making the mitered squares - But have a long way to go. The color combinations are fun and it’s a easy knitting project. Can easily do watching TV or at a community meeting!