Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

Okay, so we have the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival thread going on and there is a question about going, going alone, meeting up and how we would recognize each other… and I suggested making buttons which we could wear to advertize our fabulous status as amazing, wonderful KHers and therefore help us find each other in the midst of all the yarny goodness.

Its okay folks… you can vote. The poll doesn’t bite. :teehee:

I would definately wear one! :thumbsup: But, MD is too far away for me to get to.

No distance is too great when YARN is being sold!!! :teehee:

I would gladly wear a button were I going, but I’m afraid I can’t. I think that’s a very good idea and very nice of you to offer :wink:

I’ll help defray postage/ supplies- and wear a button with pride…

I may or may not make it would love to have a KH button anyway for my knitting bag!

That is such a wonderful idea!
Wish I could go but alas, I am on the other side of things.

I would proudly sport a KH button on my knitting bag as well though, what a great way to recognize other KHers on the go!

Edited to fix my spelling :teehee: