Mary Poppins scarf PROBLEM?

Can anyone tell me WHAT I am doing wrong with this pattern…

I have done two repeats of 4 rows…It is supposed to look like a diamond chain…I have LADDERS…

Are you using the same yarn and needle size used in the pattern?

Well, you have a very pretty pattern going but not the Mary Poppins pattern. I tried the pattern st awhile ago and it worked.
Are you casting on 28sts and maintaining 28sts?
One of the tricky parts may be the double yarn over in row 1. In row 2 that double yo will look like one big yo but you purl into it and also ptbl into that same yo. If you aren’t doing both sts in the yo that might give you the large ladders.

I am going to go back and try it again…Yes I am using the exact yarn suggested and the lace point needles… I am thinking it has to do with my p1b, or the tw2…
On the pattern page it says do the tw2 as a purl…on line every tw2 is purl…I am wrapping the second stitch of the pw2 then wrapping again the first stitch and then pulling off together…maybe…I should just be putting the needle in the second stitch WITHOUT wrapping then putting it in first and wrapping…Am going to experiment later on today when I am NOT working!!! MAYBE I WILL JUST SHOW THE WHOLE MOVIE TODAY AND NOT 6 minutes worth!!! and Hide behind my desk and make this thing happen!!! hmmmm Think I would get FIRED???

I have looked all over to for a diamond chain like pattern that is shown…in all the books I own…and every possible place on the net…NO LUCK…nothing looks like that but some shopping bag pattern…I am give that a whirl later on too…

In re-reading this…I think you may have the answer…Thanks so much! Will keep you posted!

You sound like too inventive and conscientious a teacher to ever be fired. Here’s a video of p1tbl or or p1b from the Glossary page if you’d like. I think it’s not going to be so awkward in your case because the double yo gives you more space.

You’re doing it right I think, the pattern says - Twist stitches (tw2): Insert right needle into 2nd stitch on left hand needle as if to purl, purl but do not drop the stitch. Purl the first stitch on the left hand needle. Drop both stitches off needle together"

Put the needle into the 2nd st only and purl it, leaving it on the needle. Then purl the first st and you’re done, pull both old sts off the Left needle.

that is exactly what I have been doing but I am still getting that LADDER

What happens when you gently pull or stretch the knitting? Lace looks like ramen noodles until it’s blocked, so it may not look right as you knit it, but come out okay when you finish and block it. You can knit a few inches and block it now, that may help you see whether it’s right.