Mary Maxim is having a HUGE sale!

I had to make the trip to Mary Maxim in Paris, Ontario today (ahhh such a hardship that was!!!) to pick up two skeins of yarn to finish my shawl. It is a two hour drive from my home so I do not get there very often.

As I was walking towards the customer service desk in the yarn section, I saw a display with an adorable knit shrug on it. I instantly fell in love with this shrug. The book with the pattern was rather expensive and I decided I really could not afford it this trip. I said this to my DH. I must have been overheard!

As I was walking away from the display, an elderly lady called me over. She said “come here please” and led me around the corner of a shelving unit. Once there she explained to me that we (meaning she and I) had both fallen in love with the same shrug pattern, she had seen me ohhing and ahhing it, and told me that she was purchasing the pattern. She asked for my name and address, which I DID give to her. She then explained that she was going to photocopy the pattern and mail it to me so that I could have the shrug “we both loved so much”. I was so pleased with her kindness!

We then got talking and she does a fair bit of KIP, and a lot of travelling. She complained that the airport would no longer let her bring her knitting onboard planes. I took her to the section where they keep the Denise Interchangable sets and showed them to her. I told her they were resin so the airlines should have no problem with allowing her to take them onboard. I even explained how each piece worked. She put the set in her basket.

She then said she was looking for a row counter. I showed her the one I had just put into my basket and explained that they had a HUGE sale on this item this month ($10 off the price they had been just before Christmas). She put one in her basket.

She then smiled a sweet “elderly lady smile”, walked over to the salesclerk and said in a loud clear voice “please keep me away from that woman over there, or else I will have no money left when I leave this store”. She and I both laughed, said goodbye and parted.

When DH and I got to the cash to pay for my two skeins of yarn, my Chibi and my new electronic row counter ([B]$24.99 this month at Mary Maxim, item #4012)[/B], there stood the same lady again. She said she would (snail)mail the pattern out to me tonight. She said she was online on the computer and would include her e-mail address with the pattern. She said she had enjoyed her day trip and was going back home again tonight but was pleased to have had a chance to talk to someone “who knew so much about knitting” (she sure could NOT have been talking about me).

Again we parted, but I am sure I will hear from this lovely lady again.

[B]F.Y.I. Mary Maxim is having a HUGE sale this month. They have many fine items reduced drastically. [/B]

I was lucky that my DH allowed me to get the row counter I have been covetting now for months and months. It is really the only “major” knitting item I did not have and I am thrilled with it. It is light(approx. 2 oz.), small (2-1/4" long x 1-1/4" wide x 1/2" deep), electronic (runs on a watch battery) and hangs around your neck on a piece of black ribbon (ribbon included). I am happy, so happy, so thrilled with this new gadget.

I also got an item called a Chibi, which is a small clear green plastic tube with a screw on lid, that holds darning needles. I’ll never have to search for a darning needle again, or prick my finger on one when I DO happen to find it in the sewing basket!

The last thing left for me to get now is a ball winder sigh. Valentine’s Day IS coming!!! :heart: :heart:


Sounds like you made yourself a new knitting friend.

Oh I wish I could have gone with you Christine! I LOVE Mary Maxm- as you know. Hopefully I’ll be able to get there soon and take advantage of the sale.
That lady sounds so sweet! I always end up talking to random people at Mary Maxim too- everyone bonds over yarn, don’t they?

Ann, if you had only seen us standing in front of that dummy, touching the display piece and commenting and lifting and I actually took the whole thing off the dummy at one point and almost put it on, just trying to figure out the construction of the knitted item. It is quite a handsome item.

We giggled and laughed and did “girl” thinks and it was lovely and enjoyable. I had a marvelous time. Poor DH, on the other hand, sat on a chair and waited patiently while my new friend and I roamed the knitting department and discussed “things”. It was great!

I wish you could have been there too! I would have called you, but I did not have your number. What would have made the trip more perfect is if you had been there.

I got the yarn I needed for my shawl, AND so much more! It was a productive day trip.

I have been ordering from Mary Maxim for years and did not realize that there is an actual store. It is a very long trip from Florida to Canada so I guess I will keep ordering. But your shopping trip sounded like so much fun. :knitting:

Actually, there are two stores now. There is one in Paris, Ontario and there is one in Toronto in a large shopping center. The one in Toronto is very small, crowded and often times does not have the items I am looking for. I believe there is also one store in the states, but I am not sure where.

Look at this month’s catalogue and you will see all the wonderful sales they have on right now!

I have the new catalog right here on the computer desk. I see the electronic row counters. They are $22.99 but of course there is shipping but still a good buy. I think that will be included in my next order. I love the Little Girls poncho on the front knit with Bernat Boa Yarn. Have two little ggd’s who would love one of those. And so much more to drool over. LOL

I think the one in the US is in Port Huron Michigan, a little north of Detroit. I considered driving over there once when I lived in Lansing, but couldn’t justify it.

It’s the ultimate trip into yarn porn. I was having a wonderful time while DH napped on a chair in the corner. I did a little experimenting and “felt up” the bamboo. I did not have an allergic reaction, so I think I will be able to knit with it. I was also “feeling up” the silks and mercurized cottons. I was in heaven for half an hour, that’s for sure!!! I could hear the angels singing to me, BUT they kept singing “buy it, it’s wonderful, buy it, it’s wonderful”. Silly angels!

Once the shrug pattern comes in the mail, I will have to give a great deal of thought as to what kind of yarn I want to knit it in. This shrug is going to make the most wonderful bed jacket!

LOL, I am sitting here playing with my row counter. Here’s a question for you… do you mark the row just knit, or do you put it to the row you are knitting next when you are using a row counter? It must be a brain fart because I truly am not sure…

We’ll have to plan another trip out there so I can feel up some yarn too.

So today I got the pattern for the shrug (bed jacket) in the mail. It looks pretty easy and yet it looked so good on that dummy. I typed it up in *rft format in a Word Document. To return the kindness shown me by that lovely woman in Mary Maxim who sent me the pattern in the mail, I will say that if anyone here wants a copy of the pattern, PM me with your e-mail address and I will lend it to you.