Mary Maxim Cabled Tweed Jacket HELP!

I recently started to knit the Cabled Tweed Jacket found in the pattern booklet “Classic Comfort” 8 Exclusive Sweater Designs to Knit and have come to a road block.

On page 37, the directions for Shaping the Shawl Collar are difficult to understand and I do not know how to proceed. As I read the directions it seems that there is an inc and a dec in the same row on the same stitch about 1/3 of the time. "Keeping patterns correct, dec one st at neck edge on every 6th row following 8 times more AND AT THE SAME TIME, inc one st at the neck edge on every 4th row…"
Another question - does the neck edge mean the stitch between the cable pattern and the moss st. or at the very end of the moss st.?
And another - is there a chart for this pattern

The directions for inc and dec likely have a mistake. I’d guess that you increase at the very neck edge for the shawl collar and decrease in another spot near the edge to shape the front. Can you post a picture of the pattern or give us the pattern number? I couldn’t find anything online.

You can also check the publisher’s web site for any errata that may be listed for that book.