Mary Jane Slippers

Where can I find a pattern for Mary Jane Slippers for adults?
They’re felted, but they turn out lovely!

I really like this slipper pattern here:
maybe you can make them look like Mary Janes :think:

Here’s one

HERE is an adult crochet pattern for mary janes. FREE

HERE is a knitted version. FREE

This is a knitting pattern for sale.

Fibertrends adult felted ballet slipper (not exactly like Mary Janes). They do have a smaller one for children that is more of a Mary Jane pattern. This is a pattern for sale.

The fibertrends pattern comes out like mary janes if you do the strap-- they’re also wonderfully easy- I’ve made several pairs!!

These are super cute! (pattern found via Ravelry)

I have a pattern that I bought a while back… Sweet Mary Janes

I had to learn a little bit of crochet though…