Martin Storey Square Aran Pillow

Hi I’m really stuck on a Martin Storey pattern.

All fine until the row 26 and then the pattern says to “repeat rows 3 to 26 for a further 84 rows…” When I start row 27 (row 3) I get half way through the row and then the stitches that look like they need to be purl are plain and visa versa. I have knitted and undone this row 5/6 times and it keeps happening. What am I doing wrong??
Thanks for any help

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This pattern has caused frustration for just about all the Ravelry knitters.

There is a problem with the chart as you have discovered. You can knit following the pattern set up in previous rows as this knitter recommended.
or you can work the center cable rows like rows 9 and 10 in place of 25 and 26. If you do that, you’ll have to watch the side cables and bobbles which repeat every 6 rows (not as row 9).

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for replying. I thought I was going mad :slight_smile: I’m not a frequent knitter - but really enjoy it, so I’m not great at counting stitches etc - have to follow a pattern to the letter and mark down every row on a piece of paper :slight_smile: Hopefully I’ll be able to figure this out. Once again thanks so much.

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Thank you for getting back to me.

I am an inexperienced knitter and so have difficulty "guessing “the repeat pattern on this cushion. One of your posts mentions " There
is an error in the chart that was originally published in the book. I had a difficult time finding the errata, but did find a corrected chart through the link on the Ravelry details page for this pattern. Experienced cable knitters would be able to figure
out the error, but this would frustrate those who are new to it.” Could you send me the link mentioned here please? The username is OWLKAT -

again thank you for all your help.



I wrote to Owlkat but although she tried to help, she couldn’t find the corrected chart. I looked up the corrections page for Martin Storey patterns (she also suggested this) but the books with this pattern aren’t mentioned and neither is the pattern. Best thing I can think of is to write to the email address
with the information requested (the book title, pattern title, page number and problem you’ve encountered).

Put in a lifeline after row 24. It seems to me that you should then work a row 9 and then keep repeating rows 2-9 over the center 39sts. For the edge 15sts on each side, work row 9 and then repeat rows 2-7.
You’ll have to keep separate track of the side sts and the center sts but if you make a chart of the rows with the repeat rows noted, it should keep you on track.
See if that helps. At least you have the lifeline to get you back to row 24 if all else fails.