Martha's Poncho - don't yell at me

Hi everyone. :waving: The reason I say that is because I read all the posts from a year and a half ago and some people reeeeeeally hated that poncho, and I did see the TV coverage back then but I had just started to learn to knit so it wasn’t even in the realm of a possibility back then.

Now it is. :cheering: :cheering:

So, from what I read, I gather that some people did make this poncho. The knit version of course and I was wondering if there were any pictures of FO’s or any advice on the yarn they used.

After reading about this Homespun business, I’m waaaaayyyyy to scared to even try it. :help:

I really think it is quite a lovely poncho and I’m not a poncho lover at all. I used to think they were just ugly, but for some reason in my old age :teehee: I’ve begun to change. It seems rather easy to make but there are different knit patterns out there and I’m not sure which to use. I printed out the Lionbrand pattern and the Bernat pattern. Both are a bit different.

Any suggestions/advice…