Martha's Poncho - don't be mad

Hi everyone :waving: I say ‘please don’t be mad’ because I have read the posts from a yr and a half ago and some people really didn’t care for this poncho. To be perfectly honest, I’m not a poncho person. Or at least I didn’t used to be. For some reason my thinking has shifted and I’m now finding myself liking quite a few that I see.

And when all of this hype about the poncho came to be I was just learning how to knit and it wasn’t even close to the realm of possibility for me to make, now it is :cheering: :cheering:

I have read the reviews on this Homespun yarn and am quite frightened :help: to try it so I won’t, but I was wondering who has actually knit this poncho?

And if anyone did, what yarn did you use and which pattern did you use? I’ve seen the Lionbrand & Bernat patterns for it and they do seem a bit different. Did anyone use either one of those? Oh, and do you have any pictures you can post for me???

I’m needy, I know :roll: But I really want to make this for the fall season and I’m so bored with my afghan right now I need something a little more challenging to keep my brain cells active. :teehee:

TIA for any help…

I haven’t made the poncho but I’m currently using homespun for one of my projects and I have no problems with it - I actually like it!

It works up nicely on my Denises.

I much prefer it over Caron Simply Soft or the Bernat boucle yarns.

I have made the the “coming home” Poncho using “Homespun” yarn. The pattern was a little tricky, but the end result was good. I did not like the yarn, it was my first use of this yarn. I found it frequently broke, had a tendency to untwist, and its easy to split if not careful. I spoke to a friend that uses this yarn frequently, and she confirmed that she had the same problems, but she liked the end result.
If I was to make that again; I wold convert the pattern to use a circular needle and pick another yarn.

Doglover, I had a little bit of problem with Homespun at first because I knit really tightly, and I think the Homespun’s boucle texture can make it a little bit tricky, but I personally like it after I’ve knitted many shawls using it, although I haven’t knitted the Martha Poncho.

And I really like the style “Martha Poncho”, even though I’m not a poncho person much myself. Are many people “against” it? :shrug:

Sorry I can’t be more help as I haven’t knitted this poncho myself; all I can do is comment on Homespun. I would just say to go a little bit slow and carefully while you use it, especially if you’re a quick knitter, just until you get used to knitting with it. I found until I got used to it, when I tried to knit at regular speed, I had problems with it. And until I learned to ease up on my tension a bit, I had problems with it bunching. Now that I knit a little bit looser it’s not a problem for me. Good luck with the shawl, PLEASE, post on how you find the ease of the pattern to be and post a picture while you’re working on it or when it’s done (if you don’t mind). I’ve considered knitting it, but I didn’t know if this was something that might look nicer crocheted than knitted (since the original pattern was crocheted), and my crochet skills are horrible and would bring shame to the name “crochet” everywhere! :rofl:


Which pattern did you use? Lionbrand or Bernat? Or something else? Thank you for posting your experience with the Homespun, I think I’ll be going with a different yarn. No clue what yet, but I’ll do my best. :wink:

Cookworm, have you washed the homespun yet? I’m wondering if it’s likely to pill or worse, come apart. :shock: And I will post a picture for you. :thumbsup:

I used the pattern posted on the Lion webpage, although I think I saw the same pattern posted on numerous sites as well. It was tricky at first, but it is a repetitive design so once you get the handle, its fairly easy. One of the difficult things for me was the inability to recognize the finished stitches, making it harder to determine any mistakes, where I was in the pattern, etc. I will say that knitting ‘loose’ made the unraveling of the yarn less frequent…but never totally eliminated it.
I also prefer to knit in the round for articles where fitting is not that important. So, if I were to do this again, I would adapt the pattern to use circulars instead of using straight needles. You could substitute any yarn that would give you the same gauge as the pattern calls for, but duplicating the look of the homespun might be tough. This yarn kinda reminds me of Lopi, which also has a tendency to split

No problems at all with the Homespun pilling, and the stuff I’ve made with the Homespun, I wash A LOT!!! (I’ve got 2 Labs…what more can I say? :teehee: ) No pilling, and nothing’s come apart. I made a shawl for myself about 2 years ago and after use and washings, it’s fine. Good luck!

Galaxy looks more like it than Homespun, and the Bernat one looks to be the closest match (in pics), to me.

Homespun has a really bad reputation on this site. But I like. I have always liked it. I find it very useful for making nice soft things for children which will get washed a lot. It is my “go to” yarn for any project that I would like to look nice, but not cost a lot for small projects.

Carmen, I feel the same way. Although I had some difficulty using it at first (but then again, I was a new knitter at the time and was a little intimidated using a more textured yarn), I really liked the results, and I really love it now. It can’t be beat for durability and softness I think, and it’s very washable. There are other yarns like it, but I always come back to it.