Martha Stewart and Vanna White


Vanna crochets and has for years. Yarn isn’t just for knitting… Deborah Norville knits too and has her own line if you’d prefer that.

Oh, I know Vanna crochets. I hope I don’t sound bitchy, I would just think that since knitting is such a big thing these days, why not learn? It’s not that difficult. If I had a yarn production in my name, I would make it a point to try all the crafts. I’m surprised that Martha Stewart doesn’t know how to do knitting or crochet. ???

I believe Martha Stewart knits.

Crocheting is getting to be a big thing too, it’s not just old grannies making baby blankets, there’s a lot of creativity in the crochet world today. And both yarn sites provide lots of knitting patterns.

Sadly, no, she doesn’t yet. In the fall of 2011, she said she wanted to learn how on her show. She then previewed the loom she’s got out. I don’t think she’s big into yarn.

She is a big promoter of crafts and most of her new yarn line is really oriented toward using them in craft pieces rather than actually knitting a project. As long as these celebrities can help promote knitting and crochet though, that’s great, brings awareness to more people.

“I have been knitting all my life and am very happy to be introducing a line of beautiful, high-quality yarns to create the most fabulous projects,” says Stewart.

This quote came from this website.

Who knows if it is the truth, or just marketing.

First, as a long-time crocheter, long-time wanted-to-be-knitter, and short-time knitter, I’d like to ask that you read this thread. My posts, particularly, discuss some reasons WHY people cannot/do not learn to knit.

Second, crochet received a LOT of publicity from Martha Stewart when she emerged from prison wearing a poncho she had crocheted herself while serving her sentence. I think that shows that she DOES crochet.

Whether or not everyone values crochet is up to them, but it’s a valid method of self-expression. Crocheters are fed up to here with disrespect from some knitters, and it never seems to stop.

No bashing, please.


I started needlework as a “crocheter”…then ventured onto knitting…I enjoy the “finished” look of knit.but I also know(and appreciate) the time spent crocheting and I still do some pcs in crochet…I think it’s just a matter of how much time,patience, and preferrence, and it’s a “good thing” to know both crafts! I am not feeling the “bashing” thing here, I wasn’t aware the there is such a thing between crafters:aww: BTW…Lily Chin, Vicki Howell and Debbie Stoller all have there own lines of Yarn:woohoo:

Actually, another inmate crocheted the poncho for Stewart, so she didn’t actually crochet it herself:

At any rate, what difference does it make whether these people learn to knit or crochet? They use the yarn in different arts and crafts, which by the way, does not have to be [I][U][B]either[/B][/U][/I] knit or crochet!!

And, yes, Vanna has been crocheting for years and years!!!

Guess I don’t understand the complaint here. It’s their business and their yarn, so let them do as they please with it and learn what they want to learn!!!

Remember about there not being any knitting police? Well, there’s not any yarn police or crochet police either. So how about we live and let live, eh?

Actually, Martha didn’t make that poncho herself; a former inmate who’d served time with her and had been released did it and gave it to her as a ‘going home’ present.

[quote=Second, crochet received a LOT of publicity from Martha Stewart when she emerged from prison wearing a poncho she had crocheted herself while serving her sentence. I think that shows that she DOES crochet. DCM[/quote]

Martha didn’t make the poncho…here’s a quote when she was released from prison…

Stewart told her employees that the poncho was made by an unidentified fellow inmate who crochets about 12 hours a day using yarn from the prison commissary. “I hope she is reading the news and looking at television, because I’m so proud of her.”


doesn’t Debbie Macomber have her own line of yarn and knit. I know she isn’t a celebrity per say but a famous author

I’ve crocheted for years and knit for years. I love crochet for different reasons than I love knitting.
First of all… I love crochet because one stitch? It’s easy to unravel and you never lose your place… in knitting I prefer to unknit (or tink) to ravelling… I can never find the place where I want to be after that.
Second… I find that crochet makes a lovely fabric…depending on what you want… from fragile lace to sturdy jackets…
Lace is a non-event for me in Knitting.
I love knitting because I feel so darned smart doing it and it is quite relaxing and worth doing. These days I do plain knitting because I’m under a great deal of stress and need something not too difficult if I’m going to do it right.
I love to knit and crochet on the same piece. I see a lot of knitting patterns call for crochet edging instead of doing a rib… I think that looks beautiful and it’s so simple.
Crochet is so easy to teach… at least, initially. You only have one needle to keep track of and most kids seem to think they will be able to do it…
In any case, what does it matter? It’s all about the yarn, wool, whatever you are using… the fact that your mind, hands and brain are engaged in an activity that finishes up with something beautiful and useful at the same time and does wonderful things for your ego… well, that’s priceless! :slight_smile:
TEMA :thumbsup:

Exactly, TEMA, and thank you. It just gets VERY OLD, time and time again, to hear some “knitters” bash crochet (i.e., “why can’t they just learn to knit?”) and it needs to be stopped whenever it rears its ugly head.

Thank you again.


P.S. thx for the clarification about Martha Stewart’s poncho, everyone! but the profile-raising was priceless. :slight_smile:

I’m surprised no one has mentioned the quality of yarn qua yarn. The texture, hand, color, durability, etc.

Go to any big box craft store and look at the yarns available from huge yarn manufacturers, some great stuff, some extremely ugly color combinations and strange textures I would never want to live with for the duration of any project, let alone live with the finished item.

There must be a market for all this yarn I hate or it wouldn’t take up so much shelf space. I know some of my favorite colors must not be universally popular too – surely all of us has exercised willpower and declined an impulse purchase of a beautiful yarn only to think of it months later to find it has been discontinued.

So I don’t really care if yarnmakers knit if they can contribute to the variety of colors and materials that are available to me as a knitter and crocheter.

How far back in the design process would you demand knitting skill? I demand only that pattern designers know how to do the craft they are designing for. I don’t care if Martha Stewart knits or crochets any more than I care if the dyer or spinner or sheep farmer or the sheep know how to knit.

Yes, there’s a big market for those lesser yarns, and some of us prefer them for other qualities.

I don’t think this question/topic translated well on the computer. It wasn’t a bash towards anyone who crochets, I crochet and knit. I guess my question is more geared towards the whole “celebrity endorsement” issue. I guess the question could be applied to any product. In no post did I bash people that crochets. I’m actually working on a crochet afghan.

What does it matter if the celebrity “endorsing” the yarn is crafter or knitter or crocheter? Yarn is unique to the individual purchasing it…the color, the texture, the smell (yes, I smell the yarn before purchasing…I’m odd). What matters is how it makes me feel.

I’m definitely one that buys the “inferior” yarns because they are the only thing I can afford and I :heart: knitting. It is the only thing that has been effective in lowering my stress level.

I took a “crochet-for-knitters” class at my local LYS last year. There are so many aspects of crochet I like but I haven’t been able to complete a project yet.

I respect all crafters, knitters and crocheters alike, and I’m glad to be part of a hobby that can create such beautiful items and provide an amazing life skill.