Marta Stiner Swedish designs

I just got back from Sweden where I saw some lovely Marta Stiner designs in a museum. They were fair isle, 2 colors, but unique. Apparently, she was spotlighted in the Jan/Feb 2007 edition of Piecework Magazine which is not available. Has anyone heard of her or know where I can find a book with her technique? Thanks.

You could keep an eye out for that magazine issue on ebay. I just searched for it myself and didn’t see it listed right now.

Took me a bit of rummaging around on the inernet because it turns out it’s Marta [I]Stina[/I]. So if you’re going to try eBay, try it with that spelling and see if that helps. Also, try this: and this article will give you some information: . Also, there is a book called Two-end knitting by Anne-Maj Ling about the general technique, which is supposed to be very good, and a newer one called New Twists on Twined Knitting. I don’t know anything about the 2nd title, but it has 1 review on Amazon, which is 5-star. But be forewarned: it turns out that the reviewer is the one person who loved North Sea Knits, gave [U]that[/U] a 5-star review, and there are several other 1-star reviews on that book. What I mean to say is that other people strongly disagree with that reviewers opinion of another knitting book, so I don’t know if that one is worth getting.

This person mentions Stina and is on Ravelry, so if you haven’t joined, you might want to do that (it’s free) so that you can contact her about the class she took and any info she might have:

At least that ought to get you started. . .