Marshmallow yarn?

Crazy question coming up…

I was given a couple pairs of socks for Christmas called Marshmallow socks. The are a thick cottony type yarn that is extremely squishy.

Anyways… they are so comfy and warm, but I have no idea what kind of yarn this is.

Has anybody seen these type of socks? I can take a photo of them tonight if that will help!


The picture attached is not the ones that I have but they are similar!

It’s a little hard to see, but maybe terrycloth? Chenille (like a bedspread)?

I’ve seen those socks and they are bunny soft! I think it’s some kind of boucle yarn…maybe similar to this; Bernat Soft Boucle. It’s not quite the same though… :thinking:

I have a couple pair like that, too, and the yarn looks like a very short, bulky eyelash. I think it’s got to be made of some kind of acrylic/nylon/microfiber, since it’s super-soft.

This looks very, very similar:

It’s discontinued but you can get it at Smiley’s yarns.

That looks ZACKLY like it!

Thanks so much for the help!

I love these socks and want to be able to make other things from the yarn!!!

I got that set for Christmas that is pictured… my socks are green lol I thought if I could find a yarn like that… they would make great gifts… they are soo soft and squishy… and I like the lotion too… you can get them at bath and body works… in case anyone wants to check them out or the lotion… :happydance: